5 Ways to Immediately Drive More Website Traffic Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

Get more traffic with facebook messenger marketing

You’re hearing a lot about chatbots these days.

Admittedly, technology has made it easy for anyone to build chatbots without coding.

So what’s the big deal? Chatbots used for marketing in Facebook Messenger get crazy levels of engagement compared to marketers’ favorites, email and Facebook (organic and ads, both).

How much better engagement? If you’re used to 20% open rate in email you’ll find 60-80% open rate in chat.

With 1.3 billion monthly users and an API, Facebook Messenger allows all the features and benefits of email marketing — automations, integrations, drip campaigns, and list growth tools — with like 8 times the engagement.

And in Messenger, marketers don’t worry about the promotions tab or spam filters. Plus contacts prefer the convenience of chat and push notifications.

This guide will help you leverage Facebook Messenger chatbots for your own marketing

Here are 5 ways you can immediately drive traffic to your website with Messenger automation technology.

The tactics here use the free Facebook Messenger marketing platform, MobileMonkey. (Full disclosure, I’m a MobileMonkey co-founder.)


1. Announce News & Updates with Chat Blasts

Have a new research study or important industry update and want to share the news with your customers or subscribers?

You can send out the news on email, of course. Email open rates have a 15-20% open rate.

If you’re used to this, you’re going to be excited by the prospect of Facebook Messenger open rates. Deliver the news via Facebook Messenger where the open rate is 70-80%.

The next time you have news to share, add chat blasting it via Facebook Messenger to your workflow.

To launch your own chatbot marketing program, start here: How to Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot (in less than 5 minutes).


2. Regularly Connect with Scheduled Chat Blasting

Engage with your subscribers regularly by setting up scheduled chat blasts. You can use scheduled Facebook Messenger chat blasts to send out messages daily or any other frequency.

Those messages could be anything that keeps useful content and your brand at top of mind to your clients or subscribers.

Perhaps it’s a daily inspirational quote, insider tips related to your industry, or reminders leading up to an event.

What makes sense for each business will be different but they key here is to link back to a useful longer-form resource on your website.


3. Use Facebook Messenger as a Supercharged Automated RSS Blaster for Your Blog Subscribers

You can set up your RSS feed to chat blast your Facebook Messenger subscribers.

I did this with my own blog posts and was blown away by the results.

While my emails blasts promoting blog posts get 20-25% engagement, Facebook Messenger chat blasts of the same content get 50-65% engagement.

Facebook Messenger is where customers already live.

People more likely to click through to your message after a notification pops up than they are to open an email.


4. Deliver Ads Through Messenger

Want a higher conversion rate at a lower cost per result? Not to mention new contacts?

In one case study of a MobileMonkey customer, Facebook ad ROAS went from 7x for a traffic campaign to 50x for a Messenger ad campaign.

Facebook click-to-Messenger ads are the newest ad format, overlooked by many Facebook advertisers.

Advertise through Facebook Messenger instead of through a traditional Facebook click-campaign and as a result, get better ROAS and gain the critical contact information to follow up with your audience.

Facebook is really pushing this ad type to take off because the Messenger platform is a highly engaging and underutilized channel.

Be there early and get a lot more return on the ads you’re already running.

Haven’t heard of Facebook Messenger ads yet? Start here: How to Promote Your Blog Posts with Facebook Messenger Ads for crazy conversion rates.


5. Set Up Drip Campaigns

You can segment your Facebook audience and set up drip campaigns to nurture leads, conduct follow-up surveys, onboard new clients, and more.

With drip campaigns, the goal is to build interest and brand affinity over time.

Facebook Messenger drip campaigns get more engagement than email, making them more impactful than traditional drip campaigns.


Test Drive Facebook Messenger Chatbots

The fastest way to understand the power of conversational conversion form and Facebook Messenger chatbots is simply by interacting with them.

To see Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots in action, check out these three quick use cases:


Over a billion people use Facebook Messenger yet less than 1% of businesses do automated marketing here.

Savvy businesses have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the Facebook Messenger marketing and drive traffic to their website through chat blasting, drip campaigns, ads and a lot more.

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