Fashion Wearable Devices Are The Next Hot Tech Trend

benefits of fashion wearable devices

With Apple smartwatches and Fitbit activity trackers, we have already entered into the era of wearable techs. But technology does not stop here, with amazon’s smart glasses, Google and Levi’s smart Commuter Trucker jacket or smart running shoe, we, my friends have stepped into the age of fashion wearable devices or should I say the future of fashion. Forget the hip denim, classy maxis, and enchanting jewelry, the tech fashion is the next hot trend around that is only practical with the swift releases of technology.

However, smart wearables are more than just novelty fashion statements but increasingly a must-have accessory due to their multifunctional characteristics. Today we are sharing some upcoming juicy and functional fashion wearable devices that have made a stir in the future fashion market.

Smart Clothing

Forget smart watches and glasses, smart clothing is here. Google and Levi have already introduced smart Commuter Trucker jacket that enables you to control a phone through the use of gestures alone and does Ralph Lauren’s self-heating jacket ring a bell?

These smart clothes differ from traditional as they are wirelessly connected and are fully self-adjusting with more accuracy, without the non-sense hassle of size and fitting. Companies are also trying to come up with the clothing that can charge your smartphones.

Wearable Solar is already on the go while Voltaic Systems offer a collection of bags that can charge a variety of your devices.

Smartness For Your Feet

With the launch of 3D printed footwear in 2015, Adidas’ future craft 3D shoe offers tailored cushioning as per the needs of an individual’s foot.

On the other hand, Under Armor has promised us a fancy connected footwear packed with its latest HOVR cushioning technology and also offer smart features of previous Speedform Gemini connected running shoes.

Technology That Shines

With Swarovski’s android wear smartwatch, you don’t have to worry about looking nerdy with the monotonous look of those smartwatches. Swarovski promises to launch its smartwatch with its signature fab glitz look in 2018. Seems like the wait is almost over.

Amazon’s Smart Glasses

Thinking of Shopping at Amazon? Don’t forget to look out for their futuristic smart glasses featuring its Alexa voice assistant with no needs of earbuds using bone-conduction audio through the frame. Fancy, huh?

Lightening and Moving

Smart fashion does not have to be dull. Fashion designers have created clothing that moves if someone is looking at them using the eye-tracking technology but also light up with photo-luminescent thread technology in the base layer of fabric.

A Smart Sock, Who Saw This Coming?

Sensoria, a smart sock by Heapsylon is paired with an anklet that automatically detects the kind and level of activity based on pressure signals coming from the foot of the wearer.

The sock is designed to track the wearer’s regular form and inform in advance if a person is making injurious movement by communication of data through sensors to anklet to the user via an app.

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