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Today I have a great free gift for you, my “Link Building Masterclass” workbook. It’s totally free & you can request it here.

What is Link Building & Why Should You Bother?

Link building is the practice of obtaining links from external links to your website. The reason that this is important is because the search engines like Google can detect these links & they are signs that you have useful content or your website is a well respected & useful website. This in turn helps to push your website up the rankings & that way you get more traffic.

Link Building WorkbookA Couple of Points to Consider with Link Building

Now there are a couple of misconceptions about links building. Firstly people will tell you that it is complicated. Well, it doesn’t have to be at all. In fact in my workbook I show you step by step how to get useful links to your website in an easy to understand way.

Secondly, people may tell you that you need to get thousands of links to your site for link building to be effective. That may be the case if you have an eCommerce website that is in a really competitive market.

A Note of Caution with Link Building

One point that you need to be aware of is that in the past Link Building has been abused. People were basically paying for links or using automated methods to get loads of links from low quality websites & directories. To protect the integrity of their search results the search engines like Google have introduced ways to identify these underhand methods. Therefore, my best advice to you is to take your time & get links naturally & you will be just fine. If you follow the step by step instructions in the workbook then you will find that it is a fairly straightforward process really.

So, feel free to get instant access to my “Link Building Masterclass” workbook & as always, I’d love to have your comments below.

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    Great to get so much free advice, slight problem adding Pilar to my Linkedin network as Linkedin insist on me having her E-mail address. Generally very happy with Pick a web not really a business as a writer an poet I use my web site to showcase some of my work and as a link for my book sales, But hey poetry aint that popular even mine

    Thanks again

    take care


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    Hi David,
    Please post your linkedin profile and I will add you.
    Poetry, business, everyone wants to get their message out there.
    This report will give you some easy ways of doing so.
    Every little helps. 🙂
    All the best.

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