15 Free Marketing Tools That Will Supercharge Your Business

Free Marketing Tools That Will Supercharge Your Business

SaaS marketing tools seem cheap. Most of these tools offer subscriptions starting from $10-$50 a month.

But when you want to complete a full decent marketing stack, you often realize that it will cost you several hundred dollars a month.

So why not to look for tools that offer free plans? You can try them out with free trials.

Upgrade only when you see enough value, otherwise, stick to the free plan.

Here’s a list of the 15 most popular Free Marketing Tools



How much time do you spend sharing posts across social media platforms?

If you do it manually, you’re wasting time.

Use Buffer to queue posts on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

You won’t have to remember about sharing something ever again.

On the top of that, Buffer provides you with analytics of shared posts – you’ll know exactly how many people clicked on links or reacted to the post (e.g. retweeted it).



Why do people still buy in brick and mortar shops when they can buy anything online and often save money?

One of the reasons is the interaction with a seller.

People simply like talking to somone that will give them a hand choosing the right product or service.

With LiveCall, you can even talk to your potential customers through your website.



Talking to people gives you the most personal contact.

But it can be time-consuming and some people are simply reluctant to talking to you – they prefer texting.

So use a live chat software to quickly help them.

I use live chat on our pricing page – talking to visitors really helped us simplify the page and guide visitors towards creating an account. 


Creating content for a blog should start with keyword research.

Check what your audience is looking for and craft a piece of content that will answer their questions.

Keywordtool allows you to get a list of keywords related to a specific one. Then simply copy a list and upload it to Google Keyword Planner (also free) to see how popular they are and what’s the competition.



Do you know what people think of your website or services?

Perhaps you get some insights from talking to customers or reading complaints of outraged people on social media.

But it’s worth to collect opinions of website visitors – ask them how they rate your website, what changes they would like to see etc.

Such insights will help you optimize your website and increase conversion rates.

Survicate is a website survey tool that allows you to quickly collect feedback from website visitors with unobtrusive and elegant widgets.

Peek by UserTesting


There’s no better way to discover how people interact with your website that to run a real-life test and observe people actually using the website.

The problem is that it is costly.

The best alternative is to watch recordings of people using your website and listening to their reactions.

Peek by Usertesting offers that.

You get 3 free recordings of any website per month.

Typically, it’s your website but you can also get a review of a website of a competitor to learn what people dislike abut it – you can capitalize on that by avoiding such mistakes.



What do people do on your website?

Of course, they visit some pages. But they also scroll and click on different elements.

Heat maps will show you where people actually click and how far they scroll. Analyzing heat maps will help you optimize your website to get more conversions.



Where are your potential customers?

I’m sure they are on social media. And they are talking about their needs.

Social media listening will allow you to find those conversations and jump into them and acquire new customers (and react when people are complaining about your services).

Get notified when someone mentions specific keywords and join the conversation.

The requirement for using Notify: using Slack or HipChat, all notifications are sent there. Both tools offer free plans.

Screaming Frog

Everyone wants free traffic from search engines.

But it’s not so easy – you need at least basic SEO knowledge to get well ranked by search engines.

Screaming Frog is a huge help – it scans your website and shows you what should be improved – like missing titles or wrong redirections.

Fixing those errors will help you improve your positions.



SEO is not only about fixing missing page titles or redirections.

It’s also (perhaps even more) about the content.

Technically, it’s not so difficult to create content search engines will like – use a keyword you want to rank for in the text, possibly in the headings and alt descriptions of images.

But it’s easy to forget about it. Yoast analyzes pages and shows you how you can improve the page to make it more visible in search engines.

One disadvantage: it’s available as a plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Drupal only.



Your website must load quickly, otherwise, people will just bounce off.

Pingdom gives you a detailed report of your site’s performance with tips what you can change to make the website faster.

One of my favorites features of Pingdom is the possibility of testing a website from different locations, like Stockholm or San Jose.

You might be surprised by the differences in load time in different places over the globe.



How often do you need nice graphics?

Probably often. Facebook ads, newsletters, graphics shared on social media – they must all look good.

And most of the marketers (including myself) aren’t designers.

That’s exactly the reason why Canva was created.

Create good-looking graphics in your browser using professional templates with little effort and skill.




Some people hate Twitter, some love it.

But the truth is that it can help you get new customers.

They key is having a big follower base.

How to get it? The simplest way is to follow people – they often follow back and your posts start appearing in their feed.

ManageFlitter allows you to search people based on certain criteria (like followers of given accounts).

Just follow them and wait for them to follow back. If they don’t do it, just unfollow them. Otherwise, your account will look spammy.


Fresh Mail

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. But for small companies, pricing tables of some email marketing providers are just too high.

FreshMail is an answer for them – a reliable tool with a decent free package – up to 2000 email a month to 500 recipients.

A vast library of templates allows you to create good-looking newsletters with no effort.



Simple spelling or grammar mistakes can ruin the impression you make on people who read your content (can be on a blog, but also emails or presentations).

Simple spell checks offered included in Word or Google Docs aren’t enough.

Use Grammarly to avoid popular mistakes and make the most of your writing.

As you see, your $0 marketing stack will get you equipped with tools for conversion rate optimization, talking to customers, collecting their feedback, SEO, mailing, creating graphics, social media presence, and proper writing. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

What tools do you use?

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    Wow! Such a great read thanks for passing it along! Awesome to see Buffer listed here! Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

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    I have issues with the way Yoast works. Many people consider it to be an excellent tool but due to it not analysing the generated source of the page, it means it needs to be used with caution so you do not trigger an over-optimisation penalty from Google.

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    Great article Lucjan! Regarding future updates, have you tried looking at Paldesk? It’s a new live chat software on the market offering a Free plan that includes a bunch of cool stuff and integrations, and a Pro plan that complements it with a variety of advanced features – like agent chat.

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