How Can I Use Content Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness? – Expert Roundup

Learn how you can use content marketing in order to increase brand awareness. Find out from the experts the best tips and shortcuts you can take in order to master content marketing.

Content marketing is often misunderstood. Most people think content has to be written word. In fact it is often that. However, let’s not forget that content can be images, video, gifts etc. Platforms such as Pinterest rely very little on written words. Instead, they are image-centric and those images are the actual content that gets consumed and shared b their readers.

Finding out what type of content that your target audience likes to consume is essential. If your target audience is on Instagram, well, by all means, create some amazing images, utilize some hashtags for extra search visibility and go. If your market likes to read articles, then produce articles.

Getting content out there to be interacted with is essential for driving brand awareness. When people find an infographic that you created and see your logo on it, they can search for your brand.

When they see an article that you wrote, they can follow a link back to your website. Creating engaging pieces that are rich with insight, and promoting those content pieces across the web on the platforms that your audience spends time in, is essential to growing your brand in a content-driven world we live in.


Liakat Hossain
Liakat Hossain

Focus on creating content that addresses the pain points of your target audience. I’ve found that promoting content which gives solutions to customer problems are the most effective in building a strong brand image.

Your content doesn’t have to closely related to your products

Variation in the presentation is another key point to keep in mind.

Produce multiple types of content (article, infographic, video, ebook) on a core idea.

Then build a marketing net where one type of material promotes the other one.

For example, create a blog post on your site, then turn that into in infographic guest post, next create a video on that and promote it in social media and so on.

This way you can get the most out of a content from multiple marketing channels


Steven Macdonald

Sharing content on social media and sending new content to your email list are both great at increasing brand awareness, but if you really want to increase awareness through content marketing, then it all starts with the content itself.

Will a typical “X ways to Y” blog post help you increase awareness? Maybe… But, it’s going to take weeks, months or even years to succeed if that’s your content strategy.

One strategy that we’ve used in content marketing is repeatable and scalable – and extremely effective!
The strategy? Publish unique research.

Since 2016, we’ve published 5 uniques studies on customer service, live chat and email marketing.

The most successful study generated more than 50,000 website visits, 2,500 B2B leads. press coverage in Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur and, through influencer marketing, reached more than 200,000 social media followers.

In total, these 5 pieces of content have generated:

6,000 B2B leads
120,000 website visits
335 referring domains (600 backlinks in total)

This type of brand awareness is priceless – and it’s all through content marketing.


Kristen Herhold

According to research on The Manifest (Clutch’s sister website), we found that 53% of businesses spend time and money on content marketing, a number that grows every year. Content marketing helps businesses reach consumers and become thought leaders.

Consumers use a wide variety of content in their purchasing decisions, so to spread the most brand awareness, businesses’ content marketing strategies should include multiple types of content. We found that the top three content types that businesses create are videos, which entertain and engage consumers, blogs, which address audience interests and answer their questions and concerns, and original research and data, which increases the legitimacy of a company and consumers’ trust in it.

Content marketing helps increase brand awareness because consumers use the internet to seek solutions to their problems, and a simple Google search can lead them to various blog posts, videos, or research that helps answer their questions.

If consumers trust your content and your content has helped them in some way, they are more likely to purchase your products or services. Building thought leadership from content marketing ensures people return to your site and remember you when it’s time to make a purchase.


Roy Povarchik
Roy Povarchik

Content marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness.
The best way to create brand awareness is to make sure your audience sees you everywhere they “need” to see you and get the value they need from your brand and re-enforcement of your messaging to them.

Through content marketing, you can make sure you are creating value that you potential user care about and do something better than just “sell” to them, but actually, make them care and love you and your product.

Through content, you can touch points with your relevant audience time and time again, through all stages of the user’s journey – and always be in the place you need to be, with the right message, to the right audience – that will make them feel like you’re always there where it matters.”


Kevin Kononenko
Kevin Kononenko

Most prospects are not going to hear about your brand once, and decide to investigate further and make a buying decision. Sure, a few might, but most will need to hear about your product over and over again until it gets to the top of their overflowing priority list.

This is why content marketing is such a valuable tool. A great piece of content might be shared on social media, and a prospect will hear about your brand once. Then, they might be searching on Google for answers to their problems, and find your brand again. Then, they may be browsing Linkedin, and see a video that you posted. That’s another touch point. By creating content for multiple purposes, you can help your prospects hear about your brand over and over again.

So, you might want to first create a lengthy guide to a specific topic for your blog. Then, create a short Linkedin video that explains the problem that motivated you to create the content.

Then, feature a couple individuals or brands in your post, and encourage them to share it on Twitter.

Those tactics will allow you to turn one idea into multiple types of native content.


Growing your best brand means being a brand people want to follow. While it’s becoming a bit overused like “thought leadership” it’s still important to grow your brand’s influence as much as the awareness. How?

Don’t follow the crowd. Stand out and do something different. While this will vary by industry, it’s easy to find the influencers & thought leaders in a space. Look who’s already creating content around important, misunderstood and new information.

Content marketing done right should almost feel like it’s hard. You should struggle to answer the questions, to write the content and to find the right topics because you’re not copying others – you’re leading.

You can write about almost anything to “increase brand awareness” but, brand awareness and brand consideration are different concepts.

We don’t want consumers to simply be aware we exist but rather to choose us.

They’ll choose you far more often if you are perceived as a leading brand, not just a brand.


Increasing your brand awareness through content marketing is HUGE right now.
And it’s only getting bigger.

The question is:
How do you approach it?

Well, here is my 3 step approach.
Find content that’s already done well
Improve content you found in the above step (1).

Move on to the most important step which is; promote your content through Email Outreach.

The above three steps if executed well, it can really generate lots of traffic and boost your brand awareness for your business. They are the same steps that I use to grow and build awareness of my blog.

Bottom line: If you want to get the most out of your brand awareness, then you need to execute the 3 steps above effectively.


Such a huge topic, and loads of ways of thinking about content marketing for building brand awareness, but here I wanted to offer something nearly everyone can do. Use existing platforms to rank.

Content marketing can be producing content that you build links or gain brand placements with, such as surveys, interactives, infographics, etc. It can also be creating content that you publish on your own domain with the idea that you’ll be able to rank with it and drive organic traffic or/and leads. However, for a lot of digital marketers and websites, these assets can be expensive to produce or you don’t have the authority to rank for some of the more competitive keywords.

One strategy you can use to feature on these brand building websites without needing to invest 10 days in a creative campaign is to find the platforms in your niche that already have a large degree of authority (i.e. they rank well and have a large following) and work with them to produce content that targets a keyword group you wouldn’t be able to on your domain. This could be a guest post, it could be research you collate on a topic for one of their writers, it could be providing a comment on one of their upcoming articles about the topic, etc.).

Whatever the method for getting involved in their upcoming content is, it gives you the ability to appear for searches you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This gives you brand awareness in more visible spots, and for the longer term. Sometimes it’s best to use other peoples content to market.


In my opinion, content marketing is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness as it allows you to show your target audience what your brand represents. Usually, it should include written content like blogs and e-books as well as interactive content such as videos and animations.

But, even the best of the best content marketing strategy has limitations because creating killer content takes time. You must learn to repurpose. Turn your best articles into videos, videos into infographics, infographics into gifographics, and vice versa. You can also turn long-form content into several different short pieces of content. For example, you can break down an e-book into a blog or white-board video series. Use your creative imagination. Promote the repurposed content on suitable platforms.

Whether repurposed or fresh, the content will attract your target audience only if it is relevant, informative, and precise. That, in turn, is possible if you know your prospects inside out. Get a thorough understanding of your audience’s online inclinations. Look into what types of content your audience spends the most time viewing, both from you and your competitors. Create your content strategy based on your research, and give it some time. You won’t see the result overnight. So, be patient.


Syed Balkhi

Use your blog to attract your target market to your website. You can do this by searching for keywords your target audience uses to find the service or product you provide. One tool that we use is “Answer the Public.” You can type in a keyword that’s related to your industry and get a long list of results of questions people are asking. You can then take some of those questions and turn them into blog posts. With the right conversion strategy, answering your target markets specific questions will not only increase brand awareness, it will also increase sales.


Provide upfront value. A lot of business owners today are scared of giving away too much information. The truth is a list of ingredients doesn’t make you a chef. The same principle applies to your social media and content marketing.

By offering your audience consistent value on a daily basis by answering their key pain points you give yourself the opportunity to build trust. It is this extended trust which then leads to further engagement which in this case can be more interaction on your posts, website clicks and even sales.

The real trick here is to remain consistent with your content marketing on social media and more importantly adapt the message for each social network. This way your business has the ability to reach new audiences with the same piece of content.


Uwe Dreissigacker
Uwe Dreissigacker


Content marketing can be a triple-win when it comes to online marketing within your business. It can strengthen your SEO game, build deeper customer relationships and up your inbound marketing efforts.

By providing valuable, in-depth and easily understandable content in the form of blog posts, infographics and ebooks you can work on all those three parts of your online marketing. And all of them will increase your brand awareness in return.

Any good content will be a friend of Google and therefore help with your SEO. It’s also quite simple to turn good blog posts into infographics and other chunks of content in order to publish them on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This helps with the virality of your content and can increase reach tremendously.

Last but not least, you want to produce content that your current customers want to consume, too. This way you establish yourself as an industry expert, making your customers feel comfortable to recommend your services to their peers.


In order to increase brand awareness, you need to a great content strategy. It should include the audience you want to target, and the channels you plan to use.

You also need to plan the types of content you will create and distribute during your content marketing campaign. Your website, blog, social media posts, downloadable resources, videos, webinars, ebooks, and even infographics can help you increase brand awareness.

Partnering with influencers as part of your content marketing strategy is also a great way to increase brand awareness. With influencers, you get a chance to reach a highly targeted audience with high-quality content.

Just remember that the content you create should always be valuable, unique, and engaging so that it not only creates awareness but also establishes you as a key opinion leader in your industry/niche.


Deepak Shukla

Google, ‘Quora’ and ‘YouTube’ keywords that you want your company to be known for.
Write down all variations of titles and questions until you hit maybe 50 items.
Turn all of these items into 60-120 second soundbites (should be doable in 1-2 days)
Build a huge content repurposing framework around this.
Something like:
IGTV>LinkedIn>YouTube>Podcast>Slideshare>Blog>Insta Image>Twitter Quotable
Figure out all of the ‘SEO elements’ of the process. Document it all
Outsource the process.
Keep recording videos.


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