How Do I Get More Followers On Social Media? Expert Roundup

Guide to getting more followers on social media

Learn from the experts how to get more followers on social media. Great tips on how to drive tons of social media traffic to your site.

Andy Crestodina

One fast way to grow your Twitter following is to simply follow back everyone who follows you. If you don’t follow back, some people will eventually stop following you and your account will grow more slowly.

And of course, anything that increases your visibility will grow your following:

  • Twitter chats
  • Mentioning people
  • Using hashtags
  • Adding images and videos to your posts

But keep in mind, a big social following doesn’t necessarily mean big business outcomes. It’s one of those very-visible-but-not-very-important marketing metrics.

Ironically, the most important content marketing metrics are the least visible, and the least important metrics (including social followings) are the most visible!


Olga Mykhoparkina
Olga Mykhoparkina

With the decline of Facebook organic reach, we’ve come to a decision to launch a Facebook community rather than focus on the Facebook company page. In a few months after launch, Chanty Facebook community has become the central hub for engaging, informing and supporting our existing as well as soon-to-be customers.

The main perk for us is the reach – Facebook community members tend to see all your posts in their timeline. Moreover, if they set up the notification options, they will be even able to receive alerts every time the new post goes live. The fact that it’s a closed community we run, creates the sense of scarcity. Our members feel special and enjoy it much more than a regular company page as they get to initiate the posts, ask questions. Moreover, they are the first to sneak peek Chanty upcoming features.

How do we make sure our community members grow? We have a multichannel marketing ecosystem to ensure our customers and blog readers have an easy access to our community. E.g. there’s a link to join the community in the Chanty team chat app. We also have people coming from our blog – there’s a short quiz they take and the invitation to share more of their thoughts in the community.

Invitation to join the Facebook community in the Chanty app

An invite to join Facebook community after finishing a quiz on Chanty blog

Moreover, every “Why did you sign up for Chanty” email that all newly signups receive from us contain a CTA to join Chanty Facebook community.

At community launch, we had a grand email campaign sending out emails to our database of early adopters inviting to join us on Facebook.

We’ve also made multiple follow-ups to those who didn’t open the email. Keep in mind though, when inviting people to join you have to clearly explain all the benefits they’ll get from participating.

Invitation to join the Facebook community in the 1st email right after sign-up.

Facebook community is a great way to become closer to your audience, develop trust and loyalty, be there to answer all their questions. All of the above are crucial to develop a long-lasting relationship with the customer so they want to stick with your brand.


Nathan John
Nathan John
@Nathan John

When it comes to trending and recognized these days – a lot comes down to the social media presence of a person or the brand itself.

No matter how much of an advanced business or digital marketer you are – let’s be honest. Followers are ‘not’ important.

People would always check up your follower’s count before considering to follow you. While the number of your followers can’t truly decide the worth of your website, page or content – it gives people a lot of thoughts.

Influencers, for instance, would always check up your numbers … no not phone numbers – your followers’ numbers to see if you are worth partnering with.

And sometimes, we ourselves determine our success by depending on the number of followers we have. It gives us a little ego boost if not anything organic or so, no?
The first and foremost thing to do for you is to maintain a social media presence.

What exactly is a Social Media Presence?

For those of you who already know – very good while the ones who don’t this is for you.

When you are highly active on social media sites posting or publishing original content all the while connecting to your community and many others – you have a social media presence and that’s about it.

Even companies ask for your twitter handles and social accounts to check on your followings and whatnot to be sure if you are the type of person they want. A strong presence on the social media tends to make interviews easier for you because you mostly know about whatever’s going on around you and already have an opinion over it to share with the world.

Moreover, many times, such people tend to get asked to come and give an interview by the interviewers themselves. Take the PR and influencers as an example – companies approach them … they don’t approach the companies.
With this said, now you probably understand why in today’s world a lengthy followers list is important. Now without further ado here are a few tips to help you boost up your followers to a great extent.

Engage with Existing Followers

If you already have a few followers – engage with them or else you would end up losing them to the competition. Everyone who follows you is playing a vital role in your making and success. It is not nice to keep them hanging like they don’t even exist for you in the comments. You can’t just depend on the influencers to help you get wherever you want.

Buck up the little people as well. They might not have a lot of followers to promote you in front of but they sure do have the eye to see your worth and promote you to whatever level they can. Never let such people down.

Follow the Influencers

While it is essential to reply to your followers it is also important that you follow the right accounts.

You need to follow legit relevancy based accounts in order to make sure your cause and identity aren’t lost in the process of trying to get fame.

That isn’t the goal – the goal is to make whatever you have important enough for people to want to connect to. Jeremy McLellon, for instance, is a comedian so do you think if he followed a just a number of politicians or computer geeks … he’d get the same creative ideas always? Once or twice maybe but always – not really.

Look at who exactly do the influencers follow that makes them reach out to so many. If there’s a positive ratio between the following/followers ratio on their accounts – they are the ones to go after.

A positive ratio can be explained as a vast number of followers but a comparatively less number of people the influencers themselves followed. Those few people they followed surely hold quite a high quality and place in the social media hierarchy.

Twitter Lists

While on twitter you can follow a whole list of people or community without adding them up into your followers list by simply subscribing to them. Check out if your key people are following any public lists.

The lists column is right next to the “likes” column. A twitter list is a list of people curated into one list altogether. You can also search for published lists as per your social media requirements. Just go an type on your search engine to find whatever sort of list of people you want to follow as per your niche.

Have a Meaningful Account

Please, don’t post BS on your account because if you do I swear even a person who pity follows others won’t follow you.

Make your social media presence meaningful either by putting out your positivity out in the open or by focusing on a particular skill.

If you do not have something worth showing or sharing – your followers might just go down the pit instead of increase.

If you want to pin a post to your handle or page make sure it’s recent and not too old because no one like to follow a dead beat. Sometimes people scroll down the accounts to see if the user is active or posting good content. No one wants junk in their feed – everyone’s daily life is filled with enough of it mostly.

Active and Engaged

You need not be just engaging but also an engaged identity to whatever it may come. No one like to follow a narcissist or bot that only shares the “oh click on this link or that link”. No, you can’t always force your followers to do as you please.

Actually, you can’t force anyone when it comes down to that. I remember when my cousin made a traveling agency and asked me to follow his page – I didn’t. Just because I know him doesn’t mean I am compelled to go and follow him.

Don’t act like a hotshot – share other people’s content too – esp. the one that is relatable to your niche – and if you give an opinion over it that’d be better too. Otherwise, a bot can share anything as well – what a bot can’t do is form an opinion.

Opinions & Data

Share your opinions – you’re free to do so. Take a side because neutrality never helped anyone – it only ever helps the oppressor. And guess what? Due to the growing moral consciousness in people – no one likes it if the bad guy wins. Say what you feel and say it with confidence. If someone agrees with you they’d share it and if they won’t – they would also share it. Some would commend and buck you up while others might say something against it but you would surely get a share. This would increase your chances of getting a new follower with every new status you publish. There are three reasons behind it –

  • People might want to see how much similar you think
  • People might feel challenged by your opinions and want to have long of debates
  • People might just want a little fun to read heated conversations all the while being spectators to the whole thing.

News & Trends

If you share important news to the people of your industry as early as possible – chances are you would get noticed. People always like to have an eye on the ones who break out big news to others.

Why do you think the Paparazzi ever got famous? Or why do they even go through all the pain just to click photos of famous personalities and whatnot?
No one likes to miss out on what’s happening and what’s not it about clothes, fashion, politics or something else.

Regular Presence

The sad reality about social media is that no matter how awesome you are – your followers would forget you if you are not regular with your posts. Unless, of course, you have maintained a particular position in everyone’s head and mind that people actually wait for you to post just for one day or so. Moral of the story is to just be regular in whatever you want to post about.

Like I said before – no one likes following deadbeats. I, myself, end up unfollowing accounts that don’t post much often. However, don’t overdo it. Post relevant content, not just content.

Rally those subscribers!!

If you already have a list of emails of the people that are or aren’t subscribed to you – good you guys know what you’re doing … for those of you who don’t – make one and start sending them something on weekly basis. Keep in touch with them.

Those who think your content is good enough for them to click open your emails would be totally interested in following or subscribing to you. But like they say that excess of everything is bad – don’t overdo it.


A proper use of hashtags can prove to be very beneficial for you. As per the studies – those who share their content with hashtags are sure to get more visibility as well as engagement than those who don’t. It’s totally okay if you don’t use your hashtags as much as you should (i.e. on every post) but be sure to use the right ones when you actually do use any hashtags.

A common trick is to search that hashtag on whatever social media form you’re using and see what sort of posts are related to them. If you don’t want your content to appear with such content – just change your hashtag and find a more relevant one for yourself.

OPA and whatnot

For those of you who have no idea about what exactly an OPA is it stands for ‘other people’s audiences’ – now you might have the idea that someone else’s audience is not as important for you but guess what it is! No matter how many webinars or conferences you have – the one that is produced with the help of a partnership is always more helpful for both the partners.

If it fails – you both would face the consequences and if it hits – all those who teamed up in order to produce it would be acknowledged and exchange audiences. You would have a whole new audience to cater to and impress. Why do you think Bart Baker and all those other entertainers’ team up ever? It helps them all get recognized where they aren’t or as someone they aren’t.

Follow Worthy Brand?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you make yourself worthy enough to be followed. You are your brand – everything else comes later on. People might recognize your talents but if they hate your guts they’d never support you in anything.

I remember when I first launched a social initiative (it’s still just an initiative because I do what I want to satisfy my own heart mostly) I came across a guy who told me that he gives platforms to newcomers and thus I should totally team up with his organization.

They weren’t going to take away my name but they surely took away most of what I was doing and portrayed it as their own. They have a facebook page where they act like saints but all those who ever worked with them hates their guts for this reason.

Why? Because all they do is live off other people’s work and give themselves credits like we achieved this and that. Now, when the time comes – would anyone who worked with those careless of people support them or even want them to be a part of their future initiatives? I don’t think so. I already learned my lesson and so did others.

Social Impact?

With this said, let’s get down to the more important part of the context. If you have a social impact you can be the king of your jungle! In today’s world, people wish to follow someone that has meaning to themselves. People are not brand conscious anymore – they are more loyal.

The Millennials i.e. people aged b/w 21 – 34 are more likely to stick to whatever they like for sure. And let’s be honest they are the ones with actual power if any. They can influence people not the Gen Z kids.

In short, you need to come across as someone who ‘cares’. If you don’t you can go stick whatever wherever and no one would be interested in knowing.

Get Real and Skip the Follow/Unfollow Game

Oh my God, please, do not go for the follow/ unfollow game. No need to ask people to follow you and be followed back as a favor. Just be good enough to be followed with you having to beg for a follow request.

Why? Because once someone finds out you unfollowed them after following them – you can bet your sorry arse that they are not just going to unfollow – but badmouth too. Just yesterday, I read a friend’s post in which she called out a famous personality for sending her a follow back message and then instantly unfollowing her once she followed.

She was fast to check who unfollowed her and oh my god – did she rant. She ranted about him on literally every platform. Once her posts were up – others started commenting they felt the same about that person. They started roasting that guy as well for being whatever he was (none of the words used were positive).

Slow Burn’s what Matters The Most

Yes, while many people say that if you give them a particular amount of money – you would gain a huge number of followers. It isn’t very good. I have a friend who gets likes for different restaurants.

Calls himself a marketer – do you want to know what he does?
He messages us all privately and begs us all to like whatever page’s link he sends us. Now most of us do like him enough to like the page – but then, later on, we unfollow the unwanted pages and people we aren’t particularly amused by.

Don’t fall for the “1k likes/followers in $5” tricks. The following lists you’d actually earn your way into are the ones you would actually always stay in (unless of course, you start posting total BS).

Quality over Quantity of the Content

Peak hours or not – nothing matters if your content is not up to someone’s standard. Don’t focus on posting a lot or maintaining your online presence by commenting everywhere – instead post something that would resonate with others to an extent that they wish to follow you. Even if you are posting something – just please something that is more humanistic and less robotic.

Something people can feel up just via words – if you have such an ability – trust me you are a winner already! For instance look at the given titles.

Existing Title:

Ways to increase your followers on social media

More Human Version:

Learn the art of getting more followers and rue your competitors forever existing!!

Which one did you find compelling? I know I liked the latter one more because it makes me feel I’d have power over other influencers and whatnot.

The Color Theory

So there’s a color theory to promote or demote your work. If you post more pictorial content than written content. You need to use the colors that people feel strong towards.

Researchers at Georgia Tech studied over 1,000,000 images on Pinterest and discovered that using red, pink and purple in your graphics got you the most shares and interactions. Because, well, they’re deep visceral colors that create emotions like sexual arousal and failure in people. – CoSchedule Blog. Via CoSchedule.

With this said, best of luck because although this is a lot to think over and work over and read as well – this isn’t all of it. The rest would come out another time until then work on all these and do your best!!


Phil Forbes

Getting followers isn’t too hard. The challenge lies in getting high-quality followers.

I’d rather have 1 follower that’s engaged and genuinely interested in me or my brand, than 20 who mindless like and comment everything.

The number of followers, in my opinion, is just a vanity metric. It’s a metric that does nothing more than inflate your own ego.

First of all, you need to offer value. What do you have that no one else does? It might be an opinion advice or experience.

By offering value like this, you assert yourself as a leader in the industry. People know you, and soon enough they will trust you and listen to you when you speak. eventually, they’ll spread your name around their close, trusted circles and your following will grow.

This will not result in massive, exponential overnight growth, but it will result in more trust and quality engagement.

Doing this consistently will however gain you a slow and steady trickle of high-quality and engaging followers on whatever social media channel you’re into.


The best way to get more social media followers is to create content that stands out and promote it (or your brand) consistently.

Most people that attract a lot of social followers as well as retain high engagement are consistent content creators.

If you are well known for your content, people will automatically start following you on social media.


Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott

I recommend the following 5 tips to stay on top of your social media game and get more followers

Tip #1: Treat your social media outlets as communities, where you socialize and interact with like-minded individuals and anyone who might be interested in your business.

Posting insightful, bite-sized pieces of content that’s both fun and shareable is a big part of succeeding in the hectic world of social media.

Tip #2: Stay genuine, and engage in daily conversations. Replying to comments and direct messages shows that you acknowledge and appreciate the members of your community.

It’s essential for your audience to know that there is a human voice behind the brand.

Tip #3: Check out your top competitor’s recent followers and tagged posts, and then engage or follow those users.

Chances are that they will be interested in your account/ and or service, and follow you back.

Tip #4: Your creative posts and written copy should be inviting and consistent, and always include a call to action such as “share, comment, vote or tag a friend who would like this” in the caption.

Tip #5: DO NOT buy fake followers or engage/ and or participate in pod groups to exchange for likes and follows.

Just enjoy the process – social media should be fun. 200 genuine followers are better than 2000 fake followers after all.


Emily Johnson

In order to figure out in what way you can get more followers on social media, you need to ask yourself one essential question:

“Would I follow myself on (name of the platform)?” Yes? No? Maybe?

Remember: your audience is composed of people like you and me. They are on social media to check for new, interesting content, comment on funny images or videos, receive special offers, and share what’s worth to share.
If you can provide your audience with all that, you will get more followers. Simple as that.

Also, keep in mind that people want to see variety on your Business Page and don’t like being bombarded with thousands of ads.

So, instead of trying to sell your products and/or services in each and every post, offer something for free once for a while. First give, then take.

Next, when people notice that your primary goal is to build relationships with them and provide them with quality content, they’ll start trusting you. And, if you can build such trust, you’ll get not only more followers, but also loyal customers.

Your business will thrive.
One last remark: nobody follows brands that aren’t active. So, if you don’t want people to unfollow you, devote more time to social media.


Saif Ajani

The way to get more followers is to appear in front of a group who doesn’t already follow you using interesting content.

So can one do this? Unfortunately, having one of your tweets go ‘viral’ depends more on luck than we’d like to admit.

So the most predictable way to get discovered by new people is to share content that you know people are already searching for / following. Using popular, topic-specific hashtags are the best way to do this.

A lot of people follow hashtags specific to their industries and interests, so if you include these hashtags in your posts it will cross their timeline. Once you’re in their timeline / stream, your odds of getting followed by them go way up!


The best way to get new followers on social media is to proactively strike up conversations.

An example of this idea in action might involve creating focused Twitter lists of industry experts and regularly engaging with their content.

But don’t just react to what other people are saying. In order to attract quality followers, you also have to lead the conversation from time to time. If you’re struggling with what to say, try sparking a little controversy (just a little!) or asking your followers to share advice on a certain topic (like tool recommendations).


Marina Barayeva

As Instagram is one of the trending platforms now here are three more detailed steps to follow if you want to see the consistent growth there:
Post quality content on a regular basis.

Search for the hashtags related to your niche. You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post. Use those that have less number of posts as well as the top one.

Engage with your target audience on other accounts. Look for the big accounts and follow the related hashtags.

Start the conversation not only with the account owner but also with his or her followers. You’ll see who comments under the post think about how you can be a part of the conversation.


Kristopher Jones

The key to growing your followers on social media is to follow and authentically interact with others that have similar interests.

Always be on the lookout to answer questions based on your area of expertise – whenever there is an opportunity to provide valuable content share it!

David Leonhardt
David Leonhardt

I believe it’s a two-step process. The first, obvious step is to have amazing content and share it to your social media channels. In other words, make your social media channels something people will want to follow.

But that’s too obvious, so I won’t dwell on it.

The second step is to leverage the following you already have, as well as other friends, partners and…well, all those people who should be following you.

By leveraging them, I mean get them to share your amazing content. When people see those shares in their streams, they’ll visit your website or your social media accounts. Either is great, so it almost doesn’t matter which track they follow.

If they love what they see, on either your website or your social media account, you’ll have new followers.

Ah, but again we rely on having amazing content. Otherwise, who would share? And who would follow?
But what kind of content is amazing?

Sure, you have great thoughts. Sure, you have wonderful words. But those won’t shine on social media. Three things will:

1. A very catchy, to-the-point headline or title. Catchy, so that people get curious or smile. But to-the-point, so that it is clear (clever puns might be catchy, but you’ll lose too many people).
2. An image that stands on its own (so as to get shared and re-shared on social media) but elicits curiosity (so that people click through to read more).
3. A Twitter Card, which will make your content look so much more professional when it’s shared on Twitter.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt to join forces with people similar to you and share each other’s social media posts. That way, you can amplify each other’s efforts. But you still need amazing content, tailored to social media.

Recently, gaining followers has been more about micro-conversations than just joining the conversation. Instead of replying to a massive tweet or much-liked Instagram photo, we’re getting much more interaction by replying to comments directly and having “side-conversations” with interested users.

This works very much like Twitter chats do. The host would ask a question but most of the engagement, following & following back would happen to the side of the main conversation. Tools like help keep a Twitter chat flowing and organized but

Trying to get big, main accounts to follow you back is virtually the same as trying to make influencer marketing work by getting Kim Kardashian and Nike on board. It’s great if it happens but it’s unlikely. What works for influence now is micro-influencers and what works for social followers is micro-conversations. The more someone tweets, replies and follows along with the same big accounts you do, the more likely they are to follow you, as well.

There is no one size fits all, so make sure you wear different hats for different social platforms.

However, some tactics apply to everyone:

  1. Understand your audience – have a deep understanding of your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Be human – share your fears and emotions on social media. Don’t be afraid of being judged; people have the same struggles and winnings as yours.
  3. Make sure you understand how the algorithms work for each platform. It shapes your social media posts and helps you increase your engagement rates.
  4. Interact with your followers or influencers, social media isn’t just a channel where you share images, videos or your blog posts. Conversations are the key for engagement and followers growth rate.
  5. Base your actions on data. Regularly tracking and measuring the changes in your analytics – both the good and the bad – you’ll be better when planning your social strategy. Is Instagram your game? Set the right goals, track your Instagram analytics, review your actions and improve.



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    Here’s one more quick tip…

    If you have a common name, use the same picture on each social media profile. It will help people find you and connect with you in several place. I went to LinkedIn to connect with some of my fellow contributors to this piece. I had no trouble finding Olga Mykhoparkina, of course (that is a one of a kind name!) but I’m haven’t trouble finding and connect with Nathan John, Geoff Scott and Emily Johnson.

    I’d love to connect with you guys but I don’t see your faces in LinkedIn. Maybe you’re using different headshots?

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