How Social Media Can Help You Market Your Mobile App More Effectively

How to market your app using Social Media

Mobile applications today have become a norm and an addiction. A Statista research showcases that by 2021, the total estimated number of mobile application download will soar up to 352.9 billion. In the year 2016, the total number of mobile application downloads accounted to 149.3 billion

Enterprises and developers are building and launching mobile apps every day. However, not every mobile application gains popularity or earn expected application download target.

With a lot of easy-to-use and test automation platforms being introduced, it has become a lot easier and swifter to build an app these days; even though it takes weeks and months of planning and brainstorming on the features, the mockups, the wireframes, the expected end-user experience, the technical understanding as well as the budget. Yet achieving expected success for your mobile application is arduous.

Though, developing and testing mobile application has become easier, marketing it has remained a challenging task to undertake.

An enterprise needs to market its mobile application enough to garner people’s attention and have them download and use it. What’s more important is to make people install the application and stay active till your application’s lifetime.

But that can be too difficult, especially when the competition among several mobile app developers is only getting fierce. Today, mobile applications for different categories are available in abundance on Google Play and Apple App stores. This has made it even more challenging to ensure you grab user eyeballs and stand out from the crowd.

Though there are numerous ways of promoting your mobile application, the one that is still convenient, cheap and effective is Social Media. Social Media and its many platforms have made it easier to inform people what they want and how can they avail it.

With that said, Social Media is an efficient means to market your application as it’s influential and can help to create buzz among user very quickly. To support this notion, over 50 percent of users get to know about new and useful applications through their family, colleagues, and friends.

Apps, more than within the app store, are often discovered outside the app stores. Some of the popular sources of finding application include search engines (27 percent), Television advertisements (22 percent), company or product (e-commerce) websites (24 percent) and various app stores (40 percent).

The one effective way to ensure Social Media can bring your app sufficient app downloads and popularity is by posting and promoting your app across various social networking platforms regularly.

The more the promotion, the faster the results. In this post, we have outlined 10 proven ways that can help you promote your mobile application on social media effectively. Let’s find out what they are and how they can help you with your app promotion.


 Facebook is the most visited social media channels and rules the chart as an effective medium for promoting your app.

To promote your mobile application on Facebook, you first need to create a page that contains all the details about your app. You may also join a list of Facebook groups where you can promote your app.

After having both the things ready, the next step is to design a plethora of images as well as videos describing your app in a creative manner. While promoting your app on Facebook, make sure you tell users what they will get and how they will benefit by installing and using your app in a most innovative way.

In addition, Facebook Groups facilitates community sharing. It is the best way to get your app out to people at large. Ensure you find and join groups that have a relevant audience for your application. You must share your ideas, benefits of using your app, app insights and suggestions to Facebook Groups regularly.

This will also help you build authority among the groups and group members. But how do you get to know whether users are interacting with your posts or not? Usually, when you publish a promotional post about your app, users will like, comment and share the post resulting in an improved web traffic and mobile app downloads. This is an organic way and convenient way to promote your app to several users at once.


 Twitter is a social media platform where a user can find latest and trending news and discussions. It can be used as a channel to interact with your target audience directly. Twitter calls the posts published on its platform as “Tweets”.

And it plays a crucial role in driving increased app download and online purchases. Around 42 percent users on Twitter learn about new application or products and services, 41 percent share their opinions about those applications and products, 32 percent of them ask for people’s reviews and opinions, 28 percent of them look for discounts and offers, 21 percent users end up installing apps and buying products and 19 percent seek customer assistance.

These statistics prove that Twitter can a great way to market your app and cover the cost to make an app. However, there a few important things you can do to promote your app on Twitter:

  • Tweet a lot about your mobile app.
  • Get in touch with industry influencers and convince them for a shout out. This can, without a doubt, skyrocket your application downloads.
  • Tweet about the discounts, offers, schemes or giveaways, etc. coupling with relevant hashtags
  • Make use of sponsored Tweet campaigns to provide users with a direct CTA (Call to Action) button. This can be a significant boost to your app downloads.
  • Put up competition, polls or surveys on Twitter to catch user attention and get them tweeting and talking about it. Also, remember to thank the Twitterati by mentioning their names in your tweets


Instagram, also familiar as Insta, is an image- and video-based social networking application. You can put up your pictures and videos coupled with text and short links in the caption or in the bio.

Just so you know, the platform is owned by Facebook. In recent years, Instagram has gained immense popularity and has become the most efficient platform to promote products, services, mobile applications, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial Instagram facts and statistics:

  • Instagram has over 25 million business profiles
  • Nearly 80 percent of all Insta users follow a business profile
  • Around 60 percent of users discover new applications, products, and services on Instagram
  • Insta users are 70 percent more likely to install an app or make a mobile purchase

This is the time to put up your application profile on Instagram now and pave a way for increased mobile app download ratio. However, here are some ways you can market your application using Instagram:

  • Leverage Influencer Marketing – Convince Instagram influencers for a shout out for your mobile application on their profiles. They have millions of followers which increase chances to have more app downloads.
  • Build an appealing and impressive Instagram profile with interactive and alluring photos, videos and boomerangs.
  • Use Instagram to launch mobile application contests or application install campaigns
  • Reach out to your competitors to promote your app. It helps a lot seemingly as you aren’t always self-promoting the app.
  • Create Insta-stories that captivates your users easily and induce them to download your app almost immediately.
  • Use appropriate hashtags and add links app downloads or website wherever necessary.
  • The most important one is to engage with your followers.


Pinterest is yet another widely used, image-only social networking site. A lot of businesses share product ads, banners, and infographics on Pinterest. It is mainly used for sharing ideas, knowledge, and tips using images.

Currently, 72.5 million users use Pinterest every month. Out of which, 71 percent are women and 29 percent are men. 75 percent users are actively using the Pinterest platform while 93 percent of pinners shopped online in the last 6 months.

This shows you have a great opportunity to market your mobile app on this platform and increase your app downloads. Some of the interesting ways of promoting your mobile app on Pinterest are:

  • Promoted App Pins – Pinterest has introduced a new format for marketing your application using Promoted App Pins. This feature makes it easier for you to promote your app and get more downloads.
  • Advertise – You can advertise the Promoted App Pins to allow users to download your mobile app from Pinterest directly. According to a statistic showcased on the Pinterest website, nearly 70 percent of the app and product advertisers have successfully achieved their app download and installation targets using the Promoted App Pins feature.

To recapitulate, marketing on social media platform requires content that’s relevant, shareable and memorable. The users across various social networking platforms seek authenticity, relevance, and value above anything.

To promote your app and achieve your goals, you need to think like a promoter. You must showcase the benefits users will get through your app to help yourself drive more downloads.

While all the major social media channels are capable enough to help generate numerous mobile app downloads, make sure you select the right platform to reach out to the right audience and cater them better.

Are you aware of any other social media platforms that can aid with mobile app promotion and increased app download? Please contribute to our list by using the comments area below.


  1. 1

    Social media is a huge community and solely Facebooks accounts for 3 billion people on its platform which is enormous and tells us of the big opportunities lying beneath. Many people think that the power of social media lies in just paid marketing now but that is not the fact, still, organic marketing is better than paid marketing if done right. Mobile app is just like any other thing to promote you just need to find relevant communities and people then start making communication and engagements.

  2. 2

    Nice Article, Essentially, what you want to create is demand for your app. You want to drive people to download and then stay. Most app developers and your typical “appreneur” think that mobile advertising such as “in-app ads” is the way to go in order to build that audience. But, there are better ways to drive app demand.
    Start your social media adventure by creating a strategy which includes these key elements:

    Define your messaging
    Tone of voice (how do you want to come across – professional, fun, sophisticated, etc.)
    Target audience and where can you find it online
    Competitors and their social initiatives
    Design language

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