How to Close Sales With Video

The power of video when it comes to selling

How To Boost Your Sales With The Right Videos 

For many business owners, frustration has a unique feeling – the one you get when a qualified lead drops out on you at the last possible minute, deciding not to buy whatever you’re selling. And with frustration comes confusion. Where did it all go wrong? Why couldn’t you close the sale? Was there something you could’ve done better?

Sure, you’ll have leads that’ll quit on you along the way, but chances are that you could be doing something different. If that frustration is becoming all too-familiar, then it’s time to analyze your buyer’s journey, especially during the most critical stage for conversions: the decision stage, and how to boost that stage with video content marketing.

The decision stage and how to overhaul it

All buyers go through a 3-step journey. First, they become aware of a specific need she or he must satisfy. That’s known as the Awareness stage. Then, the buyers start considering the different solutions available to satisfy that need (a stage not-so-surprisingly called the Consideration stage).  After their options have been cut down to just a couple, it’s time to pick one: it’s the Decision stage!

If you are having qualified leads coming your way but still don’t close as many sales as you want, then you’ll understand why you need to take a closer look into your decision stage. Why? Because you’re not giving your prospects that final push they need to pick you over everyone else.

The Decision stage needs to give some reassurance, making your leads feel like there isn’t a better option than you. They need to be confident that they are making the right choice. And though there are many ways in which you can achieve that (like using great social media reviews or showing off some awards you may have won), there’s nothing that can beat videos.

As you’ve already heard, videos are incredibly powerful marketing tools. They increase visiting times, encourage social sharing, are fantastic for SEO, and are one of the most consumed contents on mobile devices. Oh, and in case you’re wondering – they are amazing at boosting conversions and sales!

Several reports found that videos can help increase conversions up to a whooping 80%. This makes sense. People aren’t reading as much as they used to, so providing a quick and entertaining way to help them in their buying decision feels like the right way to go (well, it doesn’t just feel like it but it actually IS the right way).

Which videos should I be using to close sales?

Using videos to close sales seems simple enough, right? You just have to roll out your camera and start shooting. Well, at least that’s what you may be thinking until you realize the scary truth: which of the dozens of video types should you be shooting for the decision stage?

I’ll give a list below but there’s a simple way you can remember which video types work and which ones don’t. You just have to ask yourself what your potential customers are looking for here. If they’ve reached the decision stage, they already know what your product looks like, its main features and even how it works.

Remember what I’ve said earlier – people are looking for reassurance here. They want to trust you. So, all your videos in the decision stage should address that. Now that we made that clear, let’s take a brief look at the videos you need to close more sales.

Testimonial videos

If you’re looking to build trust, testimonials feel like a safe bet. People tend to trust their peers (AKA people that had the same problems they are having) and will listen to what they have to say. Putting a happy client in front of the camera humanizes the whole message and makes it more believable than a written review.

Company Story Videos

Showing the faces behind the company is another fantastic way to humanize it. If you show your offices, your team and how you work, you’re implying that you’ve got nothing to hide – you’re transparent and can be trusted. Company videos are the ones that help you show you all that but don’t settle on a walkabout around your offices. Show something funny and unique to create a stronger connection with your prospects!

FAQ Videos

Answering the questions your prospects may still have about you or your product is another way to get them closer to a decision. You may argue that a video that answers questions about the product seems like a “for clients only” kind of deal but that’s simply not true. Answering questions about how it works, its lifespan, maintenance and any other topic reduces the anxiety and provides the leads with more details for a more informed purchase.

Tailor-made videos

Marketing has grown more and more customized in recent years, so people have come to expect personalized content that feels like you’re talking to them. People want to feel special! That’s why you need to analyze common patterns for qualified leads and offer them content that makes them feel like that – funny videos about the indecision when it comes to picking a product or a story where your product is a life-changing thing can help prospects to identify with the characters.

Some tips to keep in mind

Using a combination of all the videos above in the marketing strategy for your decision stage should boost your sales – provided you follow these tips:

  • High quality above all: even the best of concepts go to waste if your video looks cheap. Think about it. If you don’t worry about how you look, what’s stopping your customers from thinking you don’t worry about your products, either?
  • Unless there’s a whole marketing strategy behind a low-fi aesthetic, always go for high-quality videos. It doesn’t matter if you use animated videos or live testimonials or whatever – all of your videos should look crisp and sound crystal clear.
  • Find your tone: All of these videos are part of a larger marketing strategy. As such, they have to nail your tone each time. How do you want people to see you? Do you want prospects to see you as thrilling, sophisticated, funny, or serious?
  • Keeping that tone consistent across all your contents is crucial for people to see you as a pro and engage with your voice. Before shooting anything, always remember to put your tone in the forefront, since it will define how the video will turn out.
  • Diversify your channels: where will you put your videos after they are done? Most people just use a landing page to boost conversions and that’s that. Though this certainly is a good option, you should make the most out of every video you have – especially in the decision stage!
  • Use the videos on your social profiles, put some money into them and see how well they perform through retargeting. You should also embed them in emails to reach leads that you haven’t heard back from. A video isn’t something you use once and discard – it’s the tool that keeps on giving!
  • Gather the data – and follow its suggestions: if you are reading this, chances are you are looking closely to your conversion stats and you’re not loving them. Videos will help you change them but you have to keep and eye on those stats and gather some more.
  • The only way you’ll define if the videos in your decision stage have done the trick is by measuring their results. Of course, you should go beyond the play count or the number of conversions that come directly from a specific video. You have to collect data from analytics, social media, email, and all of the channels and interpret it creatively. That’s the only way in which you can replicate what’s working and adjust what’s not.

A quick recap

I’ve been working in marketing for most of my adult life and I’ve seen many fads come and go but videos are the ones that have always stuck. The reason why is simple – they just work for multiple purposes. They can be entertaining, informative, educational and so on. They can help in all of the buyer’s journey, from the moment a person feels she or he has a need to the instant where she or he has to decide how to address it.

This isn’t a secret for seasoned marketers, who are using videos more than ever. And that’s especially true when it comes to boosting sales. The right type of videos, the ones that reassure the prospects that you’re putting your money where your mouth is, can do wonders for any business, regardless of the industry.

Of course, results won’t pop up magically. Great videos need a lot of work, from preproduction to distribution. It can be overwhelming but the reward is great: once you get your videos working in the decision stage, that feeling of frustration starts to fade into oblivion.

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