How To Create A Customer Support System That Strengthens Your Business-Client Relationship

If you’ve been dealing in sales and customer support for a long enough time – you know that a crucial element of avoiding buyer’s remorse is to provide a world class customer experience.

Imagine a customer calls you on a fine day and tells you that he wants to buy your product now but he can’t seem to get through to your payment page.

He then asks you if you have any alternate payment options which causes you the support agent to get nervous because you’ve not been trained for this question before.

You look at all the FAQ’s you have access to but cannot find the answer – so you do the most logical thing – You ask the customer to hold – while you track down your manager to get his opinion on said problem.

After asking your manager about the problem you quickly take the customer off hold and begin the conversation – but there’s silence – crickets are cracking. The customer has left the call – because to be honest – if you were asked to hold online for 15 minutes while a company figures out the best way to collect your payment – chances are you would leave the call and attend to more important matters.

And Bam, suddenly a potential buyer is lost.

In such a case you need to view each interaction as a chance to get closer to your sales goals because only when the customer knows you are an authority in support – will he openly enter your funnel

Knowledge Management systems help businesses create a smart support system that would lead to faster resolution of tickets – happier customers and an overall boost in team work energy.


What Is A Knowledge Management System?

A knowledge management system is basically an IT system that stores banks of FAQ’S and how to articles – with the sole intention of answering each and every query posed by your customer.

By implementing a Knowledge Management system into your support hierarchy, you can;

  1. – Decrease Support Costs
  2. – Increase customer happiness
  3. – Improve your overall support experience.


What are the contents of Knowledge Management System?

A Knowledge Management system can contain;

  1. – Frequently Asked Questions
  2. – How to’s and tutorials
  3. – Specialized training for your agents
  4. – Case Studies etc.


These pieces of content are stored with sole intent of assisting your support agents in their journey towards sorting through call tickets faster.

The best thing about the Knowledge Management system is that it can easily be integrated with your Cloud Telephony Software so your agents can both answer calls and pull up the Knowledge Banks with ease.

A Knowledge Management software is basically a SaaS (Software as a Service solution) and is offered on a pay as you go model.

Instead of building this software from scratch – you can find plenty of CRM companies who can give you and your entire team access to this software through just a unique URL. This lets you save up on storage space and expensive IT fees – helping you allocate your resources to abetter direction.

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