How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Lnading page conversion

If you want to generate leads and sales from all the traffic you are driving to your website, you need to create a landing page. On average websites convert around 2%, but not landing pages.

The average landing page converts at 4.02%. That’s 2 times better than a regular page. And then there are webinar landing pages that convert at 40%+.

How well your landing page converts will depend most on how it is set up. So, today I am going to show you how to create a landing page that converts…

Find a good landing page builder:

You have two options when creating your landing page. One is to hire a designer, while the other is to get yourself a landing page builder and create it yourself. Hiring a designer has several benefits such as being able to customize your page, but it is expensive and time-consuming.

Also, if you want to make any change later, you will need to contact the designer and get them to change it.

This is why it is better to get a builder. It will let you set up your landing page quickly and make changes any time you want.

A popular builder you can try is Leadpages.

Use a landing page builder

They have a drag and drop builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a page. They also let you host the landing page on their website, but it would be better to move it onto your own website as this will make the URL look more credible.

Make sure that you use a good VPS or dedicated server if you set it up on your website. As a slow loading website will increase abandonments and kill conversion rates.

Loading time and conversion rates

And if you are setting up a landing page for an ecommerce store, you should use an easy to use a website builder that is made just for ecommerce stores.

Brand the landing page:

While constructing the landing page you should make sure it is properly branded. As soon as people land on the page they should be able to feel your brand.

This will get people who already know your company to trust the page they visited immediately (as they will recognize you). And this will also get people who are learning about you for the first time to be influenced by your brand.

There are two common ways to brand your landing page. One is to repeat the same color palette you use for your other marketing material, such as your website, on your landing page as well. This will make it feel just like another part of your website and not something different.

Another way you can simply brand your landing page is by adding your logo. This should be the same logo you use on your website and social media pages. If you haven’t got a logo, make sure you create one with this Free Logo Maker

Then add it to your website and social media pages along with your landing page.

If you are a solopreneur and people recognize your face better than your logo, you can simply add your photo to your landing page.

Use visuals:

Images can increase the conversion rate of your landing page. So make sure you add a few of them.

And reduce the file size before you do. As large photos can reduce the loading speed and affect conversion rates. They need to be clear photos of good quality, but small file size.

You could also add videos to your landing pages as they can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Videos can increase conversion rate

Creating videos can seem complicated but you should be able to easily create one using InVideo Video Editor.

It comes with templates and an easy to use editor that makes it easy for anyone to create a video from scratch.

Write conversion and SEO focused copy:

Just simply describing the product or lead magnet on the landing page will not automatically result in a good conversion rate. Your landing page’s copy should be written with a focus on converting traffic to leads.

So, think about your audience and write the copy specifically for them. It needs to get them to take action. If you struggle with writing copy, you can always hire a copywriter to help you out. Tell them about your audience, the result you are looking for and the keyword you are targeting and they will be able to create something for you.

Make sure the content is original after they finish writing it. This is because duplicate content can negatively impact SEO. You can check for plagiarism free online with several tools.

You can also add some testimonials from happy customers as this will make your landing page look more credible. They can be a combination of written testimonials (with photos of the customers) and videos.

For some inspiration for your landing page, you can check out this one from ConvertKit.

Landing page example

It’s got well-written copy and it’s simple and decluttered. Make sure you study it properly.

Test and improve the landing page:

After you design the landing page you should run a test to see if the landing page is converting. You can easily do this by running an ad.

Run an ad on a platform such as Facebook. Start with a small budget like $5 to $10 a day. This will show you how well the page is converting. If the landing page is converting at a good level, you can move forward and begin sending traffic from other sources. But if it doesn’t you can make changes to the page till the landing page improves.

Create a spreadsheet for this. Your aim at the beginning should be to match the industry conversion rates. You can set larger goals later.

Work on other traffic channels:

Here are a few tactics you can use to drive traffic to your landing page after you know it converts…

Share it on social media: Share your page on social media pages such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. and drive organic traffic. Mainly focus on the social networks where your audience is active. If you have an active Facebook group, you can share it there as well.

Influencer outreach: Reach out to influencers in your niche/industry and ask them to share your landing page with their social media followers and their email subscribers.

Reach out to your perfect customers: Reach out to your perfect customers and ask them to check out the landing page and sign up. This form of individually reaching out to your perfect audience is time-consuming, but it will result in high conversion rates.

SEO Outreach: Next, do some SEO outreach and build quality backlinks to your landing page. If the copy is SEO optimized and you build some quality links, you should see an influx of search traffic in the future. This can take 1 to 3 months depending on the authority of your site.

Promote it on your blog: If you have a blog, you can write a blog post that links back to the landing page. Your blog’s readers might want to check it out. You could also add an advertisement to the landing page on your blog’s header and/or sidebar.

You can also write a post on Medium on the topic of the landing page and link it back to your blog.

Share it with your email list: Share the link to the landing page with your email list. As these people are already on your list many of them will sign up.

Scale ads:

While you work on the above tasks, you can also scale up your ads. But do this slowly. You need to make sure that as you increase the budget the conversion rate remains the same. There’s no use spending all that money if the traffic doesn’t convert.

Use a spreadsheet for this. It will help you keep track of things.


This is the step by step process you can follow to create a landing page that converts. Start by finding a good landing page builder that suits your needs and budget.

After that, you can begin creating the landing page. This should include creating and adding a logo, choosing a colour palette, creating and adding photos/videos and writing the copy.

Once you have completed all the above tasks you can publish the landing page and test out its conversion rate by running ads and sending traffic.

If it converts well you can begin driving traffic through other methods and scale your ad budget.

But don’t stop there, instead continue using the data you obtain to improve your landing page and increase conversion rates further.

What steps do you take while creating your landing page? Did I forget to include anything important? Please leave your comments below.

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