How To Create A Website For Free

Best tools to build a website for free

How To Create A Website For Free

Today I will show you how to  create a website for free.

I will share with you a list of the best tools you can use to create a free website.

In the past individuals and businesses would have to pay web designers to build websites for them. Nowadays, it’s possible for anyone with no prior knowledge of HTML, coding, or design to create a website. What’s more, you can also do this for free!

If you’re running a business or nonprofit organisation, you will no doubt want to keep your expenses as low as possible. And if you’re a startup on a budget, or simply an individual that wants a simple homepage or online home, you will want to avoid spending any money if at all possible.

How To Set Up A Website For Free

The good news is that there’s a variety of ways you can create a free website! Intrigued? The following is a selection of website building tools that you can consider to get started:


In case you didn’t know, WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that is available to download and install on any web host for free. It started out life as a blogging platform but has now grown into a fully-featured CMS solution used by tens of millions of websites worldwide.

It takes just a few minutes to install and configure WordPress, and it can be customised thanks to the easy-to-update templating system. An advantage of WordPress is that it can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Blogging;
  • Static web pages;
  • E-commerce systems;
  • Photography and video portfolios;
  • Landing pages;
  • And much more.

The WordPress platform is regularly updated by a dedicated team of developers, and it even boasts an auto-update facility, so you don’t have to remember to do it manually. There are thousands of templates and add-ons available for WordPress, many of which are free to download and use.

What’s more, being such a popular system, there’s also a wealth of help and support for WordPress online too.

Another benefit of using WordPress is that you can create several ‘admin’ users for your website. So, if you want someone else to update your content for you, there’s no need to provide them with your personal login details. What’s more, you can assign them a variety of editing ‘privileges’ depending on how much control you wish to give them.

Pickaweb Website Builder

Pickaweb offers an excellent website builder tool totally free with their web hosting packages.

A web hosting plan is basically the web space you will need to publish your website. A hosting service will also include free domain name, personalised email accounts and a control panel to manage all aspects of the account. Prices start from £2.49

It is a great tool that will help you create a stunning website in just a few clicks. It is very easy to use. You can choose from hundreds of ready made professional templates which are easy to customise. 

You will also have top web hosting services with 24×7 tech support to ask any questions via live chat. That is a real advantage, to get instant response to any questions you may have when building your website.

Your website will be fully responsive, which means it will be mobile friendly.

You can add all types of content to your pages with the such as videos, music, maps, and more.

There are no page limitations. Some free website builders only allow you to create five or so pages, whereas with the Pickaweb platform you are can to create as many pages as you like!

You can also easily sell your products online and accept online payments as it offers PayPal integration.

You can connect your site to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.

If you ever need any help you can contact support 24/7 support via online chat, email, or telephone.


If you’re looking for a free website builder platform that offers similar functionality to WordPress, you should take a look at Joomla. With this tool you can customise your site in a variety of ways through the use of templates and add-ons.

Joomla offers an almost endless abundance of customisation options, and the setup process is actually easier than WordPress. If you’re new to content management systems, and you want a platform that is fairly easy to use Joomla should be a consideration for your shortlist.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

Do you have some previous HTML coding knowledge? If so, it’s likely that you might want to create something unique for your website from scratch. While there are a tons of free online website builders you can use, it’s also worth mentioning that there are some HTML-friendly text editors for coders.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is one of the best-known text editors online, and, as the name suggests, is free of charge. It might not have a swish interface like an online website builder or even a program like Adobe Dreamweaver, but it’s an intuitive and professional solution for those wishing to build websites from scratch using just pure HTML code.

There are no time limits to using the free version of CoffeeCup.


Arguably one of the most popular online web design tools is Wix. The service boasts a wizard-like interface, making it easy to pick and choose which elements to have on your pages. It also features a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, similar to what you might find in something like Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Wix is one of many cloud-based website builders; that is, you don’t need to install any software on your computer to use it. In fact, all you need is an Internet connected device with a web browser. That’s it!

As you might expect, Wix lets you select from a variety of design and layout options, allowing you to have a unique site that best meets your needs. 

I hope you found useful this post on the top website builder tools to create a website for free.

Can you recommend any other tools?  Comment below.


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