How to Find YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

Antonio Centeno knows some good stuff about making men’s fashion a profitable niche on YouTube. With a subscriber base of 2 million people, his channel,‘Real Men Real Style’ comes up with cool stuff on men’s dressing sense. He has also achieved a great name for his style and dressing consulting service.

Felix Kjellberg is an added example of highest earning YouTube creator, as stated by ‘Forbes’. The Swedish creator goes by the channel name ‘PewDiePie’. According to a report,last year he earned $15 million through his channelwith a base of 43 million subscribers.

YouTube channel could be a very high grossing business, fetching millions to the creators. However, every minute, more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to pony up the already gigantic collection of over 1,300,000,000 videos. It’s not easy for new channels to leave a mark in this massive competition,butnotunmanageableif you possess some unique and interesting content ideas.

If you are planning to earn like these big channels through your YouTube notion, here is a detailed article to help you get some really good means to achieve the same.

How to make money from a YouTube channel?

There are two major ways to earn money from a YouTube channel:

  1. YouTube Monetization: Using YouTube monetization, you can earn through the Ads displayed before, in, or after your videos. The more these Ads are seen, the more money you make. You can look into YouTube’s AdSense Program and Policies to understand the YouTube monetization rules.


  1. Sponsorship: Sponsorship is one of the most lucrative ways of making money. YouTube sponsorship is all about collaboration between a brand and YouTube channels so as to have a win-win situation for both. Thoughbrands spend millions onthe YouTubemarketingthrough sponsorship,gettingone to sponsora small YouTube channel is a tough nut to crack. Be with us, because we are going to explain the ways to crack this tough nut as well.

Why should you find a sponsor for your YouTube channel?

Most of us only have a clouded idea about YouTube-monetization being the only way to make money on YouTube. However, only a fewcomprehend that sponsorship is also a great means, in fact, the best way to make YouTube money. Brands collaborate with creators and receive great publicity throughthe video content. In return, they give reimbursements of various kinds.

Never think that your channel is too small to find sponsors; it can come in any shape or size. This is where your YouTube career can escalate up to the skywhen you know what exactly the sponsors are looking at. Things like engagement, relevance, and your modus-operandiare those that matterultimately.

What should you know aboutYouTube Sponsorship prerequisites?

Let’sunderstand some facts which are decisive in order to secure monetization and sponsorship on YouTube.

  1. Understand YouTube Rules and Community Guidelines

The very first thing tomasteris the rules and regulations followed by YouTube and creators. Overlookingthese rules might result in community guidelines strike and permanent deletion of the channel.

There are numerous policies that you must follow. Go through andclear every doubt about the following first-

  • CopyrightInfringement
  • Partner Program Policies
  • YouTube terms of service
  • AdSense Program and Policies, and
  • Content commercial usage rights 


  1. Performance tracking

Track the performance of your videos by analyzingthe metrics like-

  • Like vs Dislike ratio
  • Positive comments
  • Number of social shares, and
  • Number of views

The above metrics will offer somegood ideas about the type of content people enjoy watching on YouTube, and you can create correspondingly. 


  1. Decent subscriber base

It’s an important aspect that builds the road to YouTube sponsorship for smallchannels. As youexpand yoursubscriberbase, the chances ofbeing noticed by arelevant brandincreases. There isn’t any fixed figure,but itwould give an upper hand if your channel has at least 10,000 subscribers. It would make the road to bigger sponsorships easy, as they would not mind paying to achannel that gives them awider publicity.


  1. High-quality content and categorized niche

People will engage only when they find your content appealing. Mostly, it counts on the factors like niche, time, and perception of the audience. So, create videos whom viewers would watch and share with friends, family, andacquaintances.

Especially when a small YouTube channel is concerned, defining your niche makes the content highly relevant and targeted. Sponsors significantly consider the extent to which you engage your audience in a particular niche. For example, YouTube live streaming makes a perfect medium for niches like gaming, cooking, and travel. People love to watch these things live.

Here is an example of a perfectly targeted channel serving just the cooking niche, and yethasmillions of subscribers and active users-


  1. Don’t limit yourself to the big names

Thinking big is good, but you should also keep an eye out on the competition. Starting with small and medium-sized brands can give you an initial exposure and a decent compensation, eventually making way for bigger brands. This might not seem as handsome as the bigger names, butwould be a great and easy way to start your YouTube career.


Types of YouTube sponsorship to aim for

  1. Product Sponsorship

It defines a relationship where channels get free products from the brands in lieu of making a review, unboxing, or tutorial video of the same. Sometimes, the review units come before official launch giving you an upper hand against your competitors; letting you create on trending products before other YouTubers can.  


  1. Paid Sponsorship

With paid sponsorship, brands give direct money to the channels instead of products. In return, they expect videos about the brand and its products, orsometimes just amentionin the creator’s regular videos. Being a direct source of income makesthis sponsorship highly lucrative, and also, challenging to get. For small YouTube channels, an approach towardssmall and medium-sizedbrands would give quicker results as compared to bigger brands.


  1. Affiliate Sponsorship

Being the most common form of YouTube Sponsorship, affiliate marketing is easily accessible to even smallYouTube channels. The creators can sign-up for affiliate marketing programs of the brands and share their affiliate links in their videodescription. You can enter in terms with the brand to provide an exclusive discount to your subscribers who are using your link to buy the product.


The paymentcan come either through pay-per-click or pay-per-conversion basis. Below is an example of Amazon’s affiliate marketing sign up page. You can find numerous brands offering such programs on the internet.


How to get YouTube Sponsorship?

  1. Direct Approach

It’s the most traditional approach but works really good for the small channels. Approach the brands directly, and ask for sponsorship.

  • Start with making a list of relevant brands.
  • Get their email addresses and other contact information.
  • Pitch a personalized proposal. Don’t send the same email to everyone.
  • Convince them about the kind of value you can bring to their brand


  1. Use Sponsorship platforms

There are numerous sponsorship platforms like ‘Famebit’ and ‘Neoreach’, where you can registeryourself tofinda list of brands willing to sponsor the creators. You can utilize these platforms for reaching out to the brands and pitching your unique proposal. Please note that some platformswould want you to havea minimum subscriber count to register.


  1. Attend YouTube and brand events

Attendopen-entry eventsorganized by the brands. Events like product-launch and workshops will give you a fair chance to connect with brands and other YouTubers. These connections will help to grow your channel and get some good sponsorship. Besides that, try not to miss theworkshops organized by YouTube for the creators, where you can learn aboutcreativeideas for growing your channel.


  1. Growing your channel always works

Ultimately, growing your channel is the best way to get good YouTube sponsorship. You can always do that by improving your content quality. Even if your production skills are not at their best initially, being consistent with your video feeds can help you stand out. Through continuous learning, the improvements will automaticallyreflect in your playlist. And, if your content can showcase the ability to bring value to the brands, they will come to you eventually.

Patience is the ultimate key to success. You should not expect a sudden leap or some kind of magic to come over, and make you rich. Do what you do thebest; create engaging content and leave the rest on YouTube Community. YouTube sponsorship for small channels is not impossible to get. Remember, even the biggest channelson YouTube have started their journey from the zeroth level.

Do you have any further suggestions for the small YouTube channels? Our readers would love to hear them in the comments section.

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