How to Get More Traffic (And White Hat Links) on Autopilot with Maps

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Today you’re going learn how to use visual maps to generate super high-quality backlinks from major publications like:

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com

Before I reveal the step-by-step process you can use, let me show you how David McSweeney used visual maps to generate traffic and links from top media sites.

David created a simple visual map about Tiger’s earning by each state.

Because it went viral, David’s piece of map was picked by major publications such as

  • USA Today (DR92)
  • (DR90)
  • Yahoo Sports (DR89)
  • City AM (DR84)

That visual map also brought in 162 referring domains in one night and those links led to a HUGE spike in organic traffic.

Bottom line: Creating a simple visual map can make a huge long-term difference in your site’s traffic. Two years down the line, David’s map is still bringing the backlink bacon home.

Now that you’ve seen David’s amazing results first-hand, it’s time to walk you through the step by step process that you can use to generate traffic and attract authoritative links to your site.

Step #1: Find a Trending Topic

Before you start to create a visual map, you need to find a topic that is trendy.

First, head to Google news and enter a VERY broad keyword.

Let’s say you had a football blog. You’d want to use a broad keyword like “Manchester United”, “EPL table” or “Ronaldo transfer”.

Then look for news article that could make for some interesting visual content!

Let’s move on to step #2.

Step #2: Find Data That Relates to Your Topic

Now that you found a trending topic, you need to execute the most important element of any content strategy:

Find some interesting data that relates to your topic.

For example, David McSweeney worked backwards and he wanted to create a visual map that shows a Tiger related stat for each State in the USA.

After a bit of thinking, David found a Wikipedia list that shows all Tiger’s tournament performances, along with his earnings.

After analyzing the data David figured out exactly how much Tiger had earned in each State.

So at this point David had an interesting data.

The next step is to create a great visual map.

Step #3: Create Your Visual Map

There’s no way around this:

If you want people to read and share your visual map, it needs to look AWESOME.

And that’s exactly what David did to make his map easy on the eyes.

The end result of all this hard work?

Here’s How Much Tiger Woods Has Earned In Each US State

Now that your visual map is live, it’s time to move on to the most important step.

Content Promotion.

Step #4: Promote Your Visual Map

If you really want to generate more traffic and links, there is no other option but to promote your content actively, among others. And by active promotion, what I mean is not just sharing or posting updates to your content.

Instead, you have to build up interest for your content through your different channels. There are many ways that you can do this (like the usual social media updates) but you should try some of the other options down below.

Let’s look at 7 strategies that can maximize your traffic and help you earn natural links from premium sites.

Outreach (My Favorite)

You have to know the kind of people you are reaching out through your content as this often dictates how that message is going to be molded.

Just look at Old Spice, for example. All of their advertisements have the same message which is something along the lines of “our deodorant is great for men of all ages”.

However, they send the same message to different demographics I.e. middle-aged adults and younger adults to teens.

As such, we have the smooth and suave appeal of Isaiah Mustafah and Terry Crews’ loud and brash utter insanity for advertisements. And you know how popular those ads were to their target audiences.

Send an Email Update

Your e-mail list is made up of people who have already shown interest for your brand and, thus, require no further convincing.

An email update is one way to retarget these people and get them interested for something new in your website.

You can even add a teaser or a reward of sorts for those people who made the effort to subscribe to you beforehand.

Community Engagements

If you have built quite a sizeable following, you must make it a point to regularly engage with your community.

Things like updates and promotions are a good place to start but you can always take things further.

Activities like challenges, quizzes, and even limited-time offers can go a long way in generating enough hype for your content.

It would also help if you have something tangible as a reward for those that do join in on the fun.

Guest Post

Creating content for other sites can also allow you to tap into a new community of potential target audiences. As a guest poster, you won’t be paid in money but with exposure.

As such, create guest content beforehand and pitch them to any site that allows for guest submissions.

There are a lot of reputable sites out there that allow for guests to submit their own work and also allow them to link back to their sites.

Pitch Your Visual Content to Link Roundups

Look for influential bloggers that run link roundups and suggest your visual map to them. If your map looks GREAT, they’ll definitely add it on their roundup post.

Here’s an actual email I sent that resulted in a link from weekly roundup:


And it led to this:


You can use the below search strings to find relevant roundups for your topic.

  • [keyword] inurl:”roundup post”
  • [keyword] intitle:” roundup post”
  • [keyword] inurl:”in the media”
  • [keyword] intitle:” roundup post”
  • [keyword] inurl:” weekly post”

Add Value to Your Visual Content

Information is useful if it has a purpose. Sure, your content has a lot of information but what purpose does it serve?

If your article talks about the 5 best cheeseburgers in (insert city here), are you telling them to find the restaurants offering these burgers or do you want them to know how to make these burgers themselves?

This is basically what added value is. You are enticing readers to go through your content with the promise that whatever they are going to learn will be useful to them some time later on.

The content’s added value also dictates the narrative of your content so it’s best to identify it beforehand.

Cross-Referencing Your Visual Content

One of the best and easiest ways to increase traffic to your visual content is to refer to your past works as much as you can with your new ones.

Think of it this way: your audiences can only take so much information before they get overwhelmed.

If you want to keep them interested in your visual content without giving your audience an information overload, you need to stick to a few relevant subjects per post.

For one visual content, you could be talking about the different tabletop surfaces for those in a budget and then link it into proper kitchen hygiene in the next visual content.

You might even lead them to a visual post you made a few years back which talks about another relevant topic in detail.

This cross-referencing scheme gives your audience a chance to take breaks in between content while not getting lost in the overall story.

Also, cross-referencing is a good way of improving your SEO rankings as this makes it easier for search engine bots to scour your page for relevant keywords.

Of course, a better ranking in the search engines would make your pages even more visible, leading to increased traffic.

Now It’s Your Turn

Just like any brick and mortar business, the one thing that will keep people coming back to your website is the things that you offer to them.

Your content, from how it was made to how it was promoted, is what will determine the level of traffic your web pages are going to enjoy from.

This is where a good marketing strategy comes into play. The types of content you will produce, their message, and even the way you can drum up interest for them will matter a lot in driving traffic.

Sure, some content types and promotion strategies work more for you than others. It’s up to you, then, to try out what kind of content resonates the most with your audience.

Do it right and you might just double your SEO and organic traffic within a few months.

I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Leave a comment below right now.

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