How To Get Started With Facebook In Business

How to use Facebook for business

If you are a small business owner and sometimes a one-person team, there is a lot required from your end. Not only are you responsible for growing your business, delivering an excellent service or product, but you also have to promote it, scale it and so much more. As a business owner you are wearing too many hats and the only thing you need is to make things easier for yourself.

Social media, and especially Facebook, has proven to be an efficient way to promote your business. It is the number one advertising tool for all business owners as it is easy to get started with. But how could someone start using Facebook efficiently to help grow their business?

How to start a Facebook Business Page

With billions of users it is likely that you already have a Facebook profile and that is all you need to get started. According to Facebook’s guidelines every user should only have one profile so in order to promote your business it is advisable to create a Facebook page rather than a second profile, which to my surprise is still happening.

This is so easy to do and it is the best way forward as it differentiates your personal life to your business so you won’t mix content of your personal profile, which could be photos of you and your friends socialising with your business content, which could be a promotion that you are running. Apart from that, it is advisable that businesses have a business page for the most simple reason of using Facebook Advertising to draw a larger audience to their page. Another advantage of a Facebook page is analytics, which can provide valuable information and help you understand your audience better.

Follow the step by step guide to create your Facebook page with these easy steps.

Step 1 – Create Page: all you need to do is click on “create page”

Click on the create page button that you will find on your profile page to get started.

create page

Step 2: Choose the type of your business:

Choose the overall category of your business and click on the relevant button.


Step 3: Upload a profile and cover photo

Having chosen your business you need to upload a profile and a cover photo that best describes what your business is providing.

profile and cover photo

Step 4: Choose a username

Choose a username that represents your business, which should be the same or at least similar to your pages’ name so your audience can find you.


Good examples for the best use of Facebook profile cover design

Below you will see good examples for the best use of a business page profile and cover photos. Your Facebook page profile photo and cover is like your shop’s window. You have a few seconds to let the visitors know what content to expect from your page. Entice them with clear visuals that showcase exactly what you do and have an even more clear call to action (shop now, learn more, sign up etc). Design Wizard is a useful online graphic design tool that can help you create such images for your business.

facebook profile

Amy Porterfield is an online marketeer and her page shows exactly what she does, her call to action button asks visitors to sign up to her page so they can be informed of her online courses etc.

facebook cover

Facebook Careers page shows you clearly what this page is about and the username identifies that the career opportunities advertised are for the EMEA region.

facebook careers

Another example of a good use of a profile picture and cover is by a small jewellery business. The design of their Facebook page shows exactly the designer’s aesthetics and the main piece of their jewellery collection.

How to increase your Facebook Likes

After creating a Facebook page the next thing you want to do is to increase your Facebook Likes. There are so many ways to do that and below you can find five easy steps to help you achieve this starting out.

  • Invite your friends to Like your page
  • Create a competition where, in order to take part, people will have to like your page
  • Add your facebook page to your website
  • Use Facebook advertising for a Like campaign and reach a new audience
  • Create useful content that people would want to read and share with their friends
  • Create a Facebook group relevant to your services or products and use it as a vehicle to promote your Facebook page and business

However, as Facebook is constantly evolving the number of Likes is no longer as important as the engagement that each post has, measured as a reach. A page with 1,000 Likes could get a higher reach depending on the content they post and on the contrary a big brand with millions of Likes could only get a very small percentage of reach compared to the number of Likes if the content they post is not interesting for their audience.

facebook post

{example of Facebook post reach}

How to convert Facebook fans to clients

You are at the stage where you have reached a high number of Facebook Likes, but as a business your ultimate goal is to be profitable, so you want to turn your Facebook page fans into clients drawing your audience out of Facebook and into your shop, your website, your restaurant or café. There might not be a secret recipe to achieve this but if you follow some simple steps, be creative and be a salesman it can be done with ease.

1. Give discounts when people Like your page – Every time someone likes your page, direct message (DM) them with a thank you note and give a them a discount code or voucher for your services or product.

2. Share your business story – Create a video or use Facebook Live to let people know your story and how you started your business. Letting people in and sharing your story makes people feel closer to you and it is more likely that they will become your customers.

3. Behind the scenes videos – Create videos or articles showing them how you create your products or how you build your services, entice them with short backstage videos and make them want to come back for more.

4. Create email lists out of your fans and move the conversation out of Facebook where you can engage them with your offers and new products.

5. Do special offers for your Facebook fans only and ask them to purchase what you are offering with a special discounted price.

facebook fans
Image by wishpond

How to overcome the new Facebook feed changes

In the second week of January, Facebook made some new announcements affecting all users and mainly advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution was to make Facebook more meaningful and more valuable to its users, focusing on mental health issues and the time that people spend on the app. Our Facebook newsfeed algorithm is changing, prioritising “friends” and family news over public content. This may sound very positive if you are tired of seeing banner ads and sponsored content that you may not be interested in, however if you are a publisher focusing on Facebook advertising for your website’s traffic or trying to promote your products, things may change for you, but there is always a way to get the results you need.

Facebook would never turn away its advertisers as it values their input highly, but publishers will probably bid higher for the advertising space that they can get. Publishers will also have to become more creative and move away from a simple sponsored post or banner ad. They have to start creating engaging and more meaningful content that will draw engagement. There are a few ways that this can happen as this AdWeeks article suggests:

1. Encourage people to Follow your page and See First
Let all your fans know that the newsfeed algorithm has changed and ask them to Follow and click See First to never miss your posts.

2. Take advantage of Facebook Live
Facebook Live tends to bring more interaction than a banner ad or post. Aim to create live videos over recorded ones to increase reach.

3. Create engaging content
Your content should no longer be simple banner ads and blog posts, be creative and create content that people would want to share with their friends to start conversations.

4. Facebook groups
Facebook groups keep growing and since the newsfeed algorithm is changing it is advisable to either create a Facebook group or to start joining other groups where you can post valuable content that others will be interested in, drawing them to your page or website.

5. Messenger ads
Messenger has been growing at an amazing speed and in April 2017 it reached 1.2 billion users, and since Facebook allowed ads on the app, it is a very good way to start thinking of shifting some of your advertising budget to this platform as well, of course only if it suits your target audience.

My last and overall tip for a successful online presence whatever the tactic you choose to use, is that you will always have to think of whether the content you are sharing is adding value and if it is interesting to your audience.

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