How to Point Your New Domain Name to a Website

How to point a domain name to a websiteWhen you buy a domain name you may just wish to have it registered so that nobody else can register it & take it off the market.

 Or… You may wish to point it to either an existing website or to the web space where you plan to create your own website.

 If you wish to point it to an existing website there are 2 ways you can do this.

  1.  You can setup a web forwarding service so that when someone types eg it redirects automatically to your existing main website eg:
  2. You can also forward email addresses. If someone sends an email to eg: [email protected] it automatically forwards to [email protected]

If you have already have a hosting service and this includes an option called domain parking you can just park the domain names that you have registered, make sure that the name servers (DNS) are the same as your hosting service. (name servers are the servers where your domain name is pointing to)

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 If you wish to use the domain name for your main website using a hosting service you just need to make sure that the domain name is pointing to your web hosting’s DNS (name servers)

If in doubt always contact your domain or hosting provider.

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