Keyword Mastery… Learn How to Get Visitors to Your Website (Free pdf download)

What are Keywords – Why Do I need the Keyword Mastery Report?

Keywords are absolutely crucial to your website. Get these even half right & you stand a fighting chance.

The problem is that in my experience most people either ignore them completely or don’t do it properly. The reason that keywords are really important is that they are your opportunity to tell the search engines like google who you are & what you do.

And what is really important for you to understand is that this is free & this is your chance to influence the search engines. It is like an open book exam & you should make the most of this opportunity

Next up I show you how to identify keywords that people are searching on so that you start to get traffic. Then I explain how to put your keywords to work & this is really important to understand. I show you how to include it in the code of your website (& you’ll be happy to know that as always I make this EASY to understand) & also in the headings and the text of your site.

I’ll explain why using your keywords in your links between your pages is super important & I have a super easy way for you to create these links.

Finally, we want to make sure that your site is really Google friendly & also we want to make sure that you know how much traffic you are getting so we will install 2 really important tools: Google Analytics & Google Webmaster tools.

If this type of thing interests you & you want to learn more about how to create a website that works for your business then why not visit our Lazy Website Syndrome Resources Page for videos and some great hints & tips.


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    Hi Tony,

    Another great resource! thank you and the team at Pickaweb for an excellent service. It is not just about hosting at great prices but the support you give via you ‘live chat’, hats off to Bradley and Ben for great help and also the videos and workbooks you send out.

    I look after a few websites for friends and relatives as a hobby but still find Pickaweb and the team really helpful. Please don’t stop.
    Best wishes to everyone at Pickaweb
    p.s. being an old dinosaur, I don’t do ‘social networking’ sites – all my social networking is done down the pub, so I am happy that these comments are posted anywhere you see fit to put them.

  2. 3

    Hi Tony thanks for another set of great tips and ideas, we will be passing this onto a couple of our Facebook business friends so they can share your valuable ideas to help their websites be seen on Google?
    Thank Again
    John & Sue
    Music2Party Premium Party Hosts
    Eastbourne UK

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    Hi Julia,
    Thanks for that. It takes a bit of time, but once you have understood the basics it is quite straightforward really.

    You have a lot of really useful content on your site too, so that is good too.

    All the best,

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