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jonny everett

In today’s interview I am talking to Jonny Everett from The Chat Shop.

Jonny is an entrepreneur, author and expert in delivering live chat solutions that drive website growth.
Jonny works with live chat to help websites get more from existing traffic through live chat implementation and managed services, run onshore here in the UK.

If somebody ever asks me what is the single best way to improve their website then I always reply that setting up Live Chat is the best way to increase sales & improve customer service.

Advantages of Using Live Chat For Your Business

Jonny is an expert in Live Chat and today he answers the following questions:

1. What is live chat?

2. Why should you care?

3. How can it help me?

4. What’s involved in live chat / what to consider

5. What’s the cost?

6. What next steps can I take?

Short Video Interview with Jonny Everett About Live Chat for Your Business

You can find out more about Jonny at

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    Glad you are enjoying the book.
    Regarding chat tools there are many that you can use.
    Several tools you can check out are: Livechatinc, Zopim, Olark, Website Alive, & Livezilla
    Hope that helps.
    Let us know if you have any other live chat questions.
    All the best.

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      Live chat software is not only a tool to chat with customers or website visitors but also helpful in web analysis, customer behavior, website performance, how your business goes etc.

      Top 5 live chat software are :


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        Hi Jeniffer, you’re right that live chat provides a huge array of information which businesses can use to improve their site!

        LivePerson and Boldchat are two great softwares but quite enterprise level for the SME. LivePerson now charges per engagement, which could work out well for smaller businesses but the toolset is quite comprehensive. For those looking for a good software that really delivers, I’d look at LiveChat, Olark or UserLike.

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    Hi Annabelle, I know we spoke following this but thought I’d get back to the post also. Great to hear your previous experiences with chat! As you say, live chat has actually been around for a long time, but currently live chat is really entering a renaissance. I think as competition gets fiercer, with switching costs and barriers to entry getting lower, businesses are realising how much they need to focus on being available and accessible to customers onsite if they want an edge in the market place. It makes sense that if you’re spending time and money driving traffic to your site, you use tools to maximise that traffic once there.

    Pilar mentioned a number of good chat options. For 1 license that is always free I’d go for Zopim but the customisation available can be restrictive. It’s worth noting that customers find customisation of chat important in feeling that it is a feature of the business and not an ‘add on’. Whilst not crucial to get going with chat, it’s an interesting point to consider for a longer term chat strategy.

    LiveChat Inc offer 30 days free, and for the additional feature sets I personally think it’s worth the extra £20~ PCM after that.

    Either way, great to hear there’s another site using chat! I hope we’ll see it as the norm in the future for websites.

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    Awesome video. You have explained deeply about live chat for business. Very helpful. I am using Live2Support and working fantastic.

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    Nice video and and thanks for sharing ideas and mentioned here experience those who already used chat software. I recently add eassistance pro live chat software on my website & really works excellent and now i realize how much beneficial it is an online business.

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    Great video. Live chat has surely revolutionalized and evolved a lot in the past few years. It is no longer an optional thing in the customer service domain because it has evolved into more than just a chat conversation. I would say that it’s now the tip of the spear in client conversations. Online chat saves the time of both clients and agents apart grom improving customer experiences via instant answers and information.

    This next-generation of support is success critical for every online venture. So, if a business wants eagerly to win customers by the day, they should invest in the power of online chat like we did. We choose ProProfs Chat for our support agents and we were delighted that we satisfied our customers needs efficiently without fail.

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