The Most Important Twitter Metrics You Should Be Measuring

Whether you are completely new to the world of social media, or you have been drawing out your social media strategy for quite some time, you need to be using Twitter. The big appeal for one of the world’s biggest social media platforms is how user-friendly it is and how easy it is to use whilst “on the go”. It is so easy to track hundreds of Twitter users that are of interest and read their content at a glance, making it perfect for the attention deficit world of social media consumers. And, this is exactly why Twitter is so important for businesses. It is brilliant for relaying short, but effective messages and it is the best social media platform out there for customer service.

However, if you are using Twitter for your business or thinking about using it, then you need to know what metrics to measure to determine your success. So, what exactly are the most important metrics? Well, keep on reading this post to find out. 

#1 – Engagement Rate

Measuring the engagement rate is one of the easiest metrics to measure across all the different social media platforms. You have to remember that the whole point of social media is to build up a following of genuine users that are interested in your brand and the products or service that you have to offer them. Taking a look at your engagement rate can be a great way to determine whether the content you put on Twitter is effective or not. 

#2 – Hashtags

With Twitter, it is almost impossible to run a campaign without the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience of Twitter and generate more attention for your brand. A great thing about hashtags is that you can test using them to determine which ones generate the most results. 

#3 – Mentions

Measuring Twitter mentions is a great way to see your brands presence. When someone sends a Tweet and uses the @ sign to tag you, you’ll receive a notification. Twitter mentions are an extremely important metric to measure when it comes to customer service and even more important if your brand suffers a PR crisis. It means you can see in real time who’s mentioning your brand and allows you to respond to them. 

#4 – Follower Growth

Every business out there wants to have the biggest following on Twitter to look more popular than its competitors. However, with Twitter, you need to have the mindset that quality content is better than the quantity of content that you put out. This way you will grow a following of people that genuinely like your content and engage with it. And, unlike any other social media platform, measuring follower growth is incredibly easy by using their built-in analytics tool. You can measure your follower growth by looking at it on a week by week basis, and the tool allows you to go back to when you first set up the account which is great for looking at the bigger picture. 

#5 – Impressions

While looking at your engagement rates and follower growth is important as it shows you how many people are interacting with your content, impressions show you how many people see your account on a daily basis. However, this is one of the most complicated metrics out of all of them to measure. This is because your content might generate a high level of impressions and have a low engagement rate which indicates that you are producing the wrong content for your core follow base. But, this is a good thing as it can let you pivot your Twitter strategy and turn more impressions into genuine engagement. It’s important to consider impressions as a vanity metric but regard it as one of the most important ones to measure. 

#6 – Retweets

Some consider retweets as more important that the number of followers you have and in a certain context this is kind of true. Having your content retweeted by your followers means that it adds exposure to your brand and additional authority. It also shows that your followers like the content that you are publishing and are happy to include it on their own Twitter feed. Measuring your retweets can allow you to see what content is popular amongst your followers.

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    Hi Parkinson, Very useful article!
    Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. But many peoples don’t know its proper use. This article is very useful for them!

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