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Security apps you should use

Cybersecurity has gained ever more importance in recent years. With the increasing amount of data breaches and malware attacks in terms of both overall number and cost, updating your cybersecurity protections should take precedence in the near future. Luckily, there are a number of new and improved security apps that can help you in your efforts to protect your online information from malevolent actors.

When it comes to cybersecurity it’s important to look at the issue holistically. Relying on only one program to provide all of your protections can leave you prone to attack. For example, by only using an antivirus program you may protect yourself from downloading malware, but you could leave your online communication unprotected.

By approaching your online protection from several different angles you’ll have the best chance to create a comprehensive protection strategy. Below you’ll find some of the most exciting and effective security apps for 2019. These apps are grouped into four broad categories for your convenience: Antivirus Protection, Password Security, Secure Messaging and VPN Protection. By taking advantage of some of these programs you can start the new year with a renewed commitment to online security!

 Antivirus Protection

We start this list with some of the standbys in protecting you from external viruses and other malware. With the increasing prevalence of such attacks it’s worth checking these apps out:

 1.  Avast

The antivirus company with the largest amount of users worldwide (over 400 million), Avast offers a range of cybersecurity products. The Avast Mobile Security 2019 app provides several security features on top of the typical anitvirus software which aim to provide a wide range of online protection. The Avast mobile app is based on a ‘Freemium’ model, meaning the basic services are free with additional features available for a fee. This makes it a good antivirus app to try out before fully committing.


 2. Kaspersky

Another offering from a well established company in the internet security market, the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus app offers a wide range of security measures including antivirus, anti-theft protections, app lock, and call and website blocking. This free to download app is another well-rounded offering, but in order to access all of the features you’ll need to upgrade to the premium service for a fee.

Password Security

We continue the list with apps aimed at helping you securely store your online passwords. Security experts recommend using different passwords for every online profile, meaning keeping track of them can be a challenge. Luckily these apps can help:

 1. LastPass

The LastPass Password Manager app protects your passwords and other online information (including secure notes) in an encrypted ‘vault’ accessible by a master password. LastPass also synchronizes information across multiple devices. This app is another example of the ‘Freemium’ model, meaning it’s a good option to test out before fully committing.

 2. Sticky Password

The Sticky Password app allows you to collect and synch your passwords across all devices, identifies weak passwords, and also helps you create strong new ones. Sticky Password stands apart from some of its competitors by also focusing on helping you set up with a series of onboarding tutorials. This makes the daunting task of compiling all of your online passwords a straight forward process, making Sticky Password a good choice for those new to password protection apps.

Secure Messaging

Next we move on to apps that can help you communicate securely. Given the amount of information and data we share in our online communication, there are plenty of opportunities for data leaks. These apps can help prevent that:

  1. Brosix


A secure messaging app with a focus on team communication, Brosix specializes in providing organizations with private team messaging networks. The Brosix Mobile app aims to keep you connected with your team in a secure environment through end to end data encryption and other security measures. While there is a free personal version of the app, it’s perhaps most useful for those looking for a secure team messaging solution.


  2. Telegram

An IM app focused on providing a straight forward and secure messaging experience, the Telegram app offers the standard messaging features you would expect. On top of the standard features, Telegram also offers a high level of security and security focused features including encrypted secret chats. It’s simple interface and high level of security makes it a good option for those just getting into secure messaging.

VPN Protection

We wrap up this list with apps aimed at providing you with online security and privacy. Most likely you access the internet via open public networks while on the go, potentially exposing your online data. These apps can secure your internet communication by providing you a private and encrypted VPN (virtual private network):

  1. Nord VPN

Based in Panama, a country with no laws requiring data retention, Nord VPN is on the higher end of the VPN service spectrum in terms of features and pricing. The VPN: Fast, Secure & Unlimited NordVPN app has a wide range of servers distributed across 62 countries, meaning that even in peak usage periods the service maintains relatively high speed. Nord VPN has received praise from reviewers for its high level of data encryption and wide distribution of servers, making it a good option if you’re serious about VPN protection and ready to commit your personal resources.

  2. Tunnel Bear

For those looking for a freeware version of a VPN service, the TunnelBear VPN app is a good option. TunnelBear provides a free basic version with a limited amount of data, as well as a paid version with more features, functionality and higher data limits. Given its high level of data encryption, utilizing AES-256 encryption, and its initial free version, TunnelBear is a good choice if you’re looking to try out a VPN service for the first time.

In Conclusion

 Regardless of which of the above options you choose for your cybersecurity needs, it’s important that you create a well-rounded approach. Luckily, the rise in online threats is accompanied by an expanded arsenal of new and updated apps to protect you. By strategically selecting some of these apps that address specific potential vulnerabilities, you’ll be well prepared to start the new year with peace of mind!

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    Maybe I am too paranoid or stressed about my security, but I want to be safe not only in real life but also online. I use avast antivirus protection, the sticky password app and just a few months ago I started using the Nordvpn app. I recommend that for everyone who wants to feel safer while doing financial transactions online, streaming TV shows on Netflix or just torrenting. This is also one of the greatest ways to make sure that your communications are completely private.

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