On Page & Off Page Factors Easy Guide

What are On Page Factors?

When we talk about On Page Factors what we are really referring to are things that you have a great deal of control over. These are things like your choice of keywords, page names, the metatags (basically the html code that is included in your website & which allows Google to determine how to categorise your website.

Why should you take time to consider On Page Factors?

In a nutshell on page factors are something which you have a high degree of control over so it is worth the time & effort to get them right. It´s like at school where your end of year grade consists of project work as well as the end of year exam. You would put in as much effort to get a good grade in the project so that you don´t depend so much on the exam result when you might freeze on the day.

How to get started with your On Page Factors

One of the most important aspects of On Page Factors are your use of Metatags. In this video we have a look at the Page Title Element & we explain why this is absolutely fundamental to your search engine position.

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