Outsourcing: Is It Right For You And Your Business?

Why you should outsource

A digital marketing agency needs to prioritize two things: fulfilling the needs of their clients and growing their business.
If you’re unable to get work done for your clients, your agency is going to have a hard time growing.

If you can’t grow, it will be hard for you to keep your digital marketing business afloat.

That’s a situation no agency owner wants to be in.
So, how do you balance both priorities without spreading your agency thin?

How do you fill the gap and flush out inefficiencies?

The answer is a no-brainer: Start outsourcing some of the work, and apply a basic principle managing, and being managed equally.

Create reminders in your calendar of when tasks should be delivered back to you, and always set a contingency for your client. Focus on delighting your clients by delivering ahead of schedule, rather than delivering just “on time”.

I always add in the description and ensure my notifications are set 3 days ahead so I can plan out my content:

When Outsourcing Works for Your Agency

But, you need to face reality way: How can a three-man team manage all the work equivalent to 20 clients? That’s on top of addressing the day-to-day business needs.

The difference between good and the successful agencies is how they do their work. Good agencies know how to work for their clients; the successful ones know how to delegate work they can’t handle, so they remain focused on what’s important for their business.

The key is understanding what you need to do, what you want to do and what you can delegate to be done. Pick a firm goal, focus and anything that can be outsourced to help “gain time” should be an easy decision to make.

Outsourcing bridges this difference and benefits digital marketing agencies – especially the startups – in different ways:

1. Focus on selling solutions and finding the right clients.

One of the primary responsibilities of your agency is to sell solutions – be it SEO, web design, or PPC services. If you’re too engrossed in managing a campaign for a client who’s paying barely a quarter of your monthly ROI, better think of a different way to handle fulfillment.

Outsourcing your services to capable provider helps you cure micromanaging tendencies. Instead of spending time monitoring a single campaign, you can focus on preparing and improving your pitch to potential clients. You also have more time to qualify and nurture leads. Most importantly, it allows you to focus solely on scaling your digital marketing business.

2. Get experts to handle your clients’ campaigns.

The biggest roadblock to agency work is not having capable people to fulfill the needs of your clients. Not all agencies have the background in digital marketing. Some of them may be knowledgeable in SEO, web design, or PPC, but this is oftentimes limited. This lack of expertise is what hinders them to get more clients on board and deliver their services efficiently.

When you get PPC, social media, or SEO outsourcing services, your agency has a team of experts who’ll work on your campaigns. This not only exposes you to top-tier industry expertise, but also provides you access to technology.

3. Save more money.

How can you save more if you’re still going to pay the outsource provider to do the work for you? It’s actually quite easy once you do the math.

Let me illustrate:

For a 1200-square feet office space, the average monthly rent can amount to $3000 . That’s excluding the furnishings, equipment, and other items you’ll have to put up in your agency’s office space.

But, they’re not the only expenses to add into the list. You need to compensate your in-house team, too. And their salary may depend on their experience. In some cases, you may even have to cover expenses to train your in-house team.

Now, compare that to how much you’ll be shelling out if you outsource. The difference is hard to ignore.

When you’re running an agency, you need to be smart on where to invest your money in. This is crucial if you have plans of expanding later on.

Outsourcing some of your work eases your agency’s overhead costs. You don’t have to worry about your cash flow going into workplace logistics because there’s no need to make space for new staff or train them—at least when you’re not yet ready. This makes it easier to invest in resources that will have an impact on your agency’s growth.

4. Be more flexible with your solutions.

A client who purchased web design from you is eventually going to need SEO, social media marketing, or PPC services. This presents you with opportunities to offer them new solutions. For that, you have to be prepared.

One of the great things about outsourcing digital marketing services is you don’t have to start from scratch to provide new solutions. With a team of experts fulfilling the deliverable for your clients, you can identify opportunities to provide more value and expand your revenue stream.

What Services Should You Outsource Or Delegate?

The idea behind outsourcing is to pass on the work to more capable hands, while you focus on the core of your business. But, you can’t outsource work just because you don’t want to do it. It’s important to think about the tasks that you want to outsource and the ones you want to handle. Time is a currency you can’t earn back, but you can save it from being consumed by your core team. Tasks that are essential to the decision making part of your business are best left in your care—you don’t want to lose your competitive advantage, everything else, get it done by a trusted partner. This is what I recommend for businesses to outsource, there’s minimal decision making as long as the requirements are prescribed in detail:

    • Search Engine Optimization :

Hire an outsource SEO provider to research about the best SEO practices and handle the technical work, especially if you’re new to SEO. Some SEO work may require continuous monitoring and implementation, so outsourcing can be an ideal setup if you’re handling multiple SEO campaigns.

    • Pay-Per-Click :

PPC is something you can’t just set and neglect. PPC requires constant monitoring and adjustments, which may take up some of your time. Outsourcing your PPC helps you focus on other priorities, while ensuring your clients’ ads are running and being monitored consistently.

    • Social Media :

Similar to PPC, you need a dedicated staff to engage with your clients’ audience and post on their social profiles regularly. It’s more practical to outsource social media management, so your team can focus their efforts on taking care of your clients instead.

    • Content Marketing :

Some SEO outsource providers may offer content marketing services and provide content strategies, research, and quality blogs to help with your clients’ SEO. Unless you already have an in-house writing team, it’s more cost-effective to outsource than research and write the blogs for your clients by yourself.

But Are YOU Ready to Outsource?

If you want to do more for less, outsourcing is the first alternative your digital marketing agency should take. Give yourself the opportunity to better organize your operations and do away with inefficient practices, so you can gain more leverage over the competition and stage your business’ growth in simplified steps.

Remember, your client is paying for results. That’s exactly the same mentality you should have when outsourcing: pay for results. Pay for the achievement of tasks to be completed so you can focus on the perpetual growth of your business.

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