Why Companies Are Adding Gamification To Their Mobile Apps

Why mobile app companies are now adding gamification

Let’s start with a simple question: How often do you check your phone during the day? Well, the answer is quite regularly. As a matter of fact, an average person tends to check his/her phone between 50-55 times a day. With people looking at their smartphones that frequently, companies are seeing more and more opportunities


8 WordPress Instagram Plugins To Integrate Post With Instagram

It is awe-inspiring that Instagram has become the most popular platform for sharing videos and images. After being launched, it took only two to three months to reach millions of users. Nowadays, most of the users are using Instagram. The service of Instagram is very simple and yet addictive. For image blogging, it is the


Most Common Conversion Mistakes Startups Make On Their Homepage Design

A homepage acts as the face of your website. When Googling for your company, chances are people will land on your website first. If you see people bouncing from your website i.e. leaving your homepage, it’s time to find the issues that keep them from exploring further. Having improved website conversion rates for our clients


How to Maximize your SEO Advantage with Pillar Content

  Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving concept. As search engines try to put more understanding as to what can be considered as substantial answers to the queries made by users, they try to dig deeper than mere keywords and try to understand the context and even the intent of the questions. Among the most


Fashion Wearable Devices Are The Next Hot Tech Trend

benefits of fashion wearable devices

With Apple smartwatches and Fitbit activity trackers, we have already entered into the era of wearable techs. But technology does not stop here, with amazon’s smart glasses, Google and Levi’s smart Commuter Trucker jacket or smart running shoe, we, my friends have stepped into the age of fashion wearable devices or should I say the