Mobile Friendly Website or Mobile App? What is Ideal for Your Ecommerce Business?

Mobile website or app explained

Statistics show that more than half, of the web traffic, comes from mobile devices. Hence, it only makes sense to dig deeper roots and establish yourself as a portable device-friendly e-store. To this end, you have two ways at your disposal namely, a mobile responsive website or a mobile app. Essentially, for an e-merchant, both


Client Reviews vs Influencers

It has been demonstrated that influencers are losing trust. However, they can still help in your marketing Strategy. How? In the past in order to introduce a new product to the market or attracting new customers, brands would base their advertising in two main areas. The first being traditional media (such as radio, TV, Newspapers,


How To Attract New Clients With Digital PR

How to do Digital PR

When you think about PR, if you are of any age, you almost always think about your business being featured in the local, or if you are very lucky, national press. The traditional PR firm would charge you a monthly retainer simply for representing you, usually of a few thousand pounds, then they would tap up their


Why Use Quora In Your Marketing Strategy?

Quora may seem like it couldn’t bring your business any benefits, but it can actually be a very powerful marketing tool. It’s definitely a proof that you should never judge a book (or, in this case, a website) by its cover. Quora may be a question-and-answer website, but it’s much more than a simple forum.


How Can I Use Content Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness? – Expert Roundup

Content marketing

Learn how you can use content marketing in order to increase brand awareness. Find out from the experts the best tips and shortcuts you can take in order to master content marketing. Stephen Twomey   Liakat Hossain   Steven Macdonald   Kristen Herhold   Roy Povarchik   Kevin Kononenko   Matt Antonino   Bill Achola