How Blogging Elevates Your SEO Efforts

Guide to Blogging for SEO

SEO is one of those things which can be hard to measure straight away because it takes time to see your returns. A lot of people think that if you just start putting out blog posts, you’ll see an increase in traffic on your site. While there might be some nuggets of truth in there,


Can Ecommerce And Content Marketing Go Hand In Hand?

Guide to ecommerce marketing

Content marketing is the latest buzzword. Everyone and their grandmother seems to be in on it. eCommerce businesses are in the lurch though. For eCommerce store owners— blogging about their products hasn’t always resulted in the best returns. Often those blogs gather dust after some spirited attempts. Perhaps, the fault lies in the approach. In


Brands Online: By The Heart Or By The Metrics

How to grow your brand online

“Whoooa, how amazing is this?” “I want this.” “These guys are nailing it!” These reactions are what happens when you’re going through your social media feeds, and something catches your attention. These reactions are what brands strive for. Yet, behind the scenes, these might be the result of a 6-figure campaign budget, or the lone


How To Create A Customer Support System That Strengthens Your Business-Client Relationship

Creating a customers support service that improves relationship with the customer

If you’ve been dealing in sales and customer support for a long enough time – you know that a crucial element of avoiding buyer’s remorse is to provide a world class customer experience. Imagine a customer calls you on a fine day and tells you that he wants to buy your product now but he


Digital Marketing Trends and Tech That You Should Look For In 2018

Guide to Digital Marketing Trends

With a huge amount of progress made in the field of digital marketing in the year 2018, many new things are getting included in the Digital Marketing. Now digital marketing includes a lot of stuff. It includes social media, PPC Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and much of Content Marketing. All this and more becomes part