Marketing Funnels: Can a Sales Funnel Replace Your Website?

Marketing funnel explained

One of the latest trends which has revolutionised the digital marketing world we see today is the introduction of and use of Marketing Funnels; otherwise known as sales funnels. With the rapidly increasing volume of new businesses and a surge in the volume of new web pages and social media sites, the pressure to stay


PPC Strategies for Small Business – Expert Roundup

Experts share their top PPC Strategies

Brian Jensen   Ben Fitzpatrick   Grayson Kemper     Dario Zadro   James Norquay   Steven Macdonald     Brian Jensen @Brianajensen   One of my favorite PPC strategies for small businesses is simply taking advantage of the features Google Ads offers like location extensions. Location extensions are connected to a company’s Google


How To Improve Your Website’s SEO

Guide on how to improve website SEO

It’s common to get stuck in the process of improving the SEO ranking of your website. Generally, the experience of many years working in Search Engine Optimisation, gives you a broader vision, in addition to allowing you to structure your work tasks and create strategic plannings. That is why throughout the article; you will learn


Outsourcing: Is It Right For You And Your Business?

Why you should outsource

A digital marketing agency needs to prioritize two things: fulfilling the needs of their clients and growing their business. If you’re unable to get work done for your clients, your agency is going to have a hard time growing. If you can’t grow, it will be hard for you to keep your digital marketing business


SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends 2019

Source: Pixabay Many online businesses are still heavily focused on refining their marketing strategies to increase their holiday sales, while 2019 is practically around the corner. Of course, you should make the most of the peak selling season of the year, but there is no time like the present to also start building a solid