How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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Is your business website mobile friendly? The thing is that these days having a mobile friendly website is the basic price of entry for any business – large or small. So in this video I’m going to explain the different options for building a mobile friendly website that you can be proud of. I’m going


Best Online Accounting Services For Small Business

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If you run a business, whatever the size there are some things that are optional. Like whether to use pay per click or which social media channels you want to use. But there’s one thing that isn’t optional: Accounting. Every year without fail you’re going to have to submit a set of annual accounts –


Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

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In this post I will share with you the best plugins that will help to speed up WordPress. List of WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Faster We have put together a list with our top recommendations to make your WordPress site super fast. WordPress Caching Plugins Caching is the temporary storage of web pages and images. Basically


How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress (Best Plugins)

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There are several plugins that you can use in order to stop spam comments in WordPress. WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments  Check the following list of our top recommendations. Akimet The WordPress team are well aware of the vulnerability that comes with their open platform, of course. That’s why they offer Akimet, a free


How To Use Video Marketing For Business (9 Easy Ways)

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Video Marketing For Business According to Cisco over 80% of all consumer related internet traffic will be video by 2021. That’s a lot of video. So let me ask you a question: Is video marketing part of your strategy? or is it going to be? If the answer’s ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ then keep on