How to Build Your Business With Open Source E-commerce

Opensource business

We receive dozens of requests here at from entrepreneurs all over the world every month. All of them want to found a new ecommerce business or to improve an existing one. We have probably seen hundreds of launches, failures and successes by now. The reasons for success are different – a fluke or combination


Paid vs Organic: Understanding Attribution in Your Metrics

paid vs organic advertising

Do you prefer paid or organic advertising? Your answer is most likely ‘both’, since they serve different purposes. According to The Manifest, 86 percent of marketers use both paid and organic marketing tactics. “Organic marketing is critical because it lets you develop and maintain a brand presence,” the report says. “Nurture your audience with a


How To Attract High-Quality Links To Your eCommerce Website Using Ego Bait Content

How to get links to your website with ego bait

Last week, I was having a conversation with my friend when I got to know about this amazing way of attracting high-quality links to your eCommerce website. It’s called Ego Bait Content. How many of you are aware of this method? Honestly, this is the first time I ever heard of it. I had absolutely


6 Smart Ways to Build Quality Backlinks and Outrank Your Competitors

How to build links to your website

In this day and era, you cannot underestimate the importance of backlinks. Backlinks improve the reputation of a website as well as its ranking on Google and other search engines. And especially in a competitive niche, you can’t rank without backlinks. So, how do you get quality backlinks that will help you beat your competitors?


4 Essential Differences Between Social Media Monitoring and Social Listening

Differences between social media listening and monitorina

Social media is a big part of our lives nowadays. Almost everyone has an account and uses it to connect with family, friends, celebrities as well as brands. Apart from sharing media and discussing on various topics, social media presence can also be used as a tool by businesses to promote their products. For this,