How To Start A Blog (Beginners Guide to Blogging)

Beginners guide to business blogging

How To Start a Blog If you run a business and you want to get more traffic and more paying customers then you need a blog. So in this video I’m going to explain: What a blog is & why it’s important I’ll show you the best tool for your blog I’ll tell you the


How to Optimize Your Business Pinterest Account for Conversions

Optimizing pinterest business account for better results

Pinterest has accrued a reputation as being a platform to waste time on, looking for recipes and planning the ideal wedding. For those of us not in the wedding, crafts or food industries, it’s easy to ignore Pinterest as yet another platform we don’t need to be on. However, to ignore Pinterest could be to


Best Web Design Tools (Free & Paid Website Design Software)

top web design tools

What Are The Best Web Design Tools? In this video I explain the 4 best web design tools for building a website. I’ve worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes so whether you’re a one person start up that just wants to get some local traffic or an ambitious Ecommerce merchant who wants to


How to Build A Hotel Website – Guide to Hotel Sites

Tips on how to create a website for a hotel or bed and breakfast

How Do I Build A Website For A Hotel or B & B? Today I’m going to explain how to build a website for a small hotel, Bed and Breakfast (B & B) or self-catering accommodation. So if you run a small, independent or family owned hotel, self catering accommodation or B & B and


Internet Marketing Speaker – Tony Messer

Internet Marketing Speaker for Events (UK, London & International) Hi, my name’s Tony Messer. I’m the founder of UK web host & this is a short video to introduce myself. If you’re looking for a proven entrepreneur who can speak at an event that you’re running then this video will give you a little