A Definitive Guide to Podcast Marketing

How to market your podcast

  The digital media is a wonderful environment to spend time in as one thing leads to another in quick succession. Suddenly two wildly different industries or fields are tied together by one common thought or idea. I realized this when I was watching Conan O’Brien’s talk show the other day at TBS and was


5 Emerging Technologies for Smart and Secure Businesses

Security is one of the major concerns for most people when they are browsing online because the internet contains some deadly threats that can seriously harm your computer and the files stored in it. Hackers usually target businesses because established organizations are capable of paying a hefty amount to these criminals as ransom. In addition


How To Do International SEO And Link Building

The internet offers small and medium businesses the incredible opportunity of reaching an international audience, and many website owners find that a lot of their visitors come from other countries, even if they were originally just targeting a local audience. Website structure for a multilingual site The first question for a multilingual or international site


Why Companies Are Adding Gamification To Their Mobile Apps

Why mobile app companies are now adding gamification

Let’s start with a simple question: How often do you check your phone during the day? Well, the answer is quite regularly. As a matter of fact, an average person tends to check his/her phone between 50-55 times a day. With people looking at their smartphones that frequently, companies are seeing more and more opportunities


8 WordPress Instagram Plugins To Integrate Post With Instagram

It is awe-inspiring that Instagram has become the most popular platform for sharing videos and images. After being launched, it took only two to three months to reach millions of users. Nowadays, most of the users are using Instagram. The service of Instagram is very simple and yet addictive. For image blogging, it is the