How To Deliver An IT Project Successfully

Delivering IT projects

Always start with a business question! Every IT project you undertake should answer a fundamental business question. Does this project generate more revenue? Does this align with our company strategy? Will we increase our profit? But I’d like to introduce an overriding question, maybe even more fundamental than the others: Does this project deliver Customer


10 Top Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs have got a brilliant opportunity in this digital world to not only showcase their talent but also communicate with prospects effectively. Since there are established brands and organizations already ruling the market, it would be challenging yet crucial for emerging small businesses to get new business and recognition in


5 Common WordPress Mistakes You Must Avoid

WordPress mistakes

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right platform If you did not know, there are two WordPress platforms.  One of them is, and the other is When developing a WordPress site, people often make the mistake of not choosing the right platform.  As both of these come within their own sets of benefits and


What is a Sitemap & How To Create It in WordPress

Sitemap explained

For those who have never heard about sitemaps, let us start by defining it. As the word depicts, a sitemap is a map created in your website to show all your web content. Those who work with search engine optimization and the newbies are likely to benefit a lot from sitemaps. Nevertheless, when you don’t


Best Parental Control Apps for 2020

Lately, smartphones have played a great role in our lives and hardly a day passes by without scrolling our mobile devices. We can run mad if we are denied these gadgets. Our kids are following suit and all the time they can spare, it’s even worse. It goes without saying that mobile devices are addictive.