9 Types of Small Business Video That Are Easy To Create

Different types of business video

Types Of Video That You Can Create Small Business Video is a seriously underused tactic. Here we explain why you should consider adding video to your online marketing and give you 9 types of video that small businesses can create. Watch this quick video on how to do video marketing for business … Let’s be


Knowledge Management For Your Company in 2017: A Guide For Business Owners

How to manage your company knowledge

Managing your knowledge is one of the most important tasks for your business, but it can be hard to know where to start. With the rapidly developing technologies available and increased emphasis on fast-paced innovation, knowledge management will be crucial to helping your business flourish and succeed in 2017 and beyond. The Journal of Knowledge


How SME’s Can Use YouTube with Success

Tips on how small businesses can use Youtube

There’s no denying that YouTube has played a pivotal role in the growth and take-up of social media, throughout the world. With videos covering every conceivable topic and interest, YouTube’s video sharing platform has brought together whole communities of people who share the same interests. For many businesses, this has meant that YouTube has become


12 Step Guide To On Page Optimization For Small Business Websites

steps to optimizing your website

Guide To On Page Optimization In this post I’ve got a quick guide for on page optimization for small business websites. Now I know some of you reading this will already be scratching your heads and asking what on earth is ‘On Page Optimization’, but it’s a really important subject. But it’s also very straightforward.


Social Media Plan For Local B2C Business (e.g. Plumber)

Social media strategy for small business

This post is a template for a social media plan for a local Business to Consumer (B2C) business. In it we’ll use the example of a local plumbing business, but this plan could easily be adapted for any of the following local B2C services: Electrician Heating Engineer Gardener Landscaping Builder Kitchen Installer Carpenter Carpet Installer