Essential Guide to Facebook Advertising for Local Business

Local business strategies to market their businesses using Facebook

[toc] In today´s post I will share with you my Facebook advertising guide for business. Local brands are always trying to compete online. But, it can be tough going up against the big guys without the time, manpower or budget. Here’s the thing, though, there’s a secret weapon out there to help local brands that


How To Protect Your Website with An SSL Certificate

SSL website security for your business

How Do I Protect My Website? In today´s post I will share with you some great tips on how to protect your website with an SSL certificate. If you run a website and you don’t sell online then you can be forgiven for not having heard of terms like HTTPS or SSL. Watch this video


3 Essential Tools To Boost Your Local Business Marketing

Tools to improve the marketing reach of your local business

In today´s post I will share you some great tools to help you boost your local business marketing You understand your business inside and out. You’re clear on its values and you stand by them. You know your products and services and you know your customers inside out. But would I also be right in saying


The Essential List of Best WordPress Plugins

List of best WordPress plugins

List of Best WordPress Plugins [toc] In today´s post I share with you a list of essential WordPress plugins you should use on your blog. With it’s gentle learning curve, low costs and excellent SEO features it’s no surprise that WordPress is the world’s favourite Content Management System. So if you’re using WordPress for your website


5 Low Cost Ways to Get Your Business Noticed Without Breaking the Bank

Affordable ways to get your business found on the internet

Easy Ways to Get Your Business Noticed In today´s post I will share you some affordable ways to get your business noticed. I could tell you about dozens of marketing ideas that will work really well in your business if you’ve got a ton of cash to spend on it. But as a business owner, you’re probably