Not Selling Enough? 16 Simple Ecommerce Tweaks to Boost Your Sales

How to boost sales on your ecommerce store

In this post I will share with you my top tips on how to increase sales on your ecommerce website. Ecommerce. It’s growing like crazy but it’s also a competitive space these days. But you don’t need anyone to tell you that. You’ve been up against Ebay and Amazon for years but you’re still in


5 Classic Mistakes Businesses Make With Their First Website

Mistakes businesses make with first website

Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Websites In this post I will share with you the most common mistakes businesses make when they build their first website. At last! Congratulations! You’ve finally done it. You’ve built your first website and it’s online. Whether you’ve used a Website Builder tool, a Content Management System like WordPress


Local Business SEO – Stats, Chart & Infographic

Click to view larger image Click here if you wish to embed the infographic on your website   Local Business SEO – (Stats, Chart & Graphs) As a hosting company we have many thousands of UK B2B customers. We wanted to give them the statistics to help them understand how they could improve their website so


21 Ideas On How to Use Twitter for Business – Experts Reveal Their Top Tips

Step by step guide to Twitter

In this post we will explain how to use Twitter for business. Are you a small, local business? If so, do you use Twitter or does it all seem a bit confusing to you? The thing is that when done correctly, Twitter can be a brilliant way to grow your local business. You can use it


Essential Email Marketing Campaigns For Ecommerce

Email Marketing

If you run an ecommerce store you probably face these problems everyday: How to drive traffic to your store How to boost your ecommerce site’s revenue With a variety of hosting services and ecommerce platforms to choose from, opening up an ecommerce store does not look too difficult these days. However, unless your product is