E-commerce SEO: 7 Checklist Tips to Optimize Your Online Store

Don’t you have a well-structured e-commerce SEO plan yet? You’re definitely missing out something crucial! When it comes to an e-commerce store, it is very important for you to rank better in the Google to ensure that more people head towards your online store. It will, in turn, increase your sales by leaps and bounds.


How to Increase Your Sales With Referral Marketing

Guide to referral marketing

Getting your customers to trust your brand doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to earn that trust. For a brick-and-mortar store, building trust is a little easier. People can come in to touch and feel the products before they buy. They can meet you (or your sales associates) in person. They know that you’re probably not


Convert Your Website into a Mobile App with These 6 Plugins

website to mobile app how to do it

Your website is the first impression of your business, undeniably. It defines the online presence of your business and that is why you put in all the efforts in perfecting every aspect of it. All the time that you put in it to ensure its optimisation and responsiveness is time well invested. But, what if


How To Come Up With A Great Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Value propositions effectively make the decision process easier for your visitors by limiting the number of available choices. Most people aren’t going to look beyond decisions you make for them. Given that more often than not, too many choices result in analysis paralysis where no choice gets made, isn’t it better to just offer the


How to Get More Traffic (And White Hat Links) on Autopilot with Maps

Stategies to get more web traffic

Today you’re going learn how to use visual maps to generate super high-quality backlinks from major publications like: com com com com Before I reveal the step-by-step process you can use, let me show you how David McSweeney used visual maps to generate traffic and links from top media sites. David created a simple visual