5 Quick Daily Social Media Habits That Will Get More Leads For Your Business

Business social media habits for more sales

In today´s post I will share with you some great social media strategies you can use to get more leads and sales. There are few better ways to interact with your potential customers on a daily basis than with social media. In fact, it presents an incredible opportunity that businesses just simply didn’t have but would


7 Classic Twitter Mistakes Business Make – Do You Recognize Any?

Guide to twitter for business

Are you making any of these Twitter mistakes? Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for any brand. What makes social media marketing so valuable is it allows a brand to engage directly with a customer: educating them, connecting with them, and solving their problems. This makes people far more likely to go from


How To Switch Your Website To HTTPS

How to change your site to https

How To Change Your Website to Secure HTTPS In today´s post I will share with you an easy guide on how to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS. Online security is increasingly important. One way that you can start to secure your website is by switching to an HTTPS secure web hosting solution. This involves


4 Simple Habits Of Successful Local Businesses

The habits of successful businesses

The Habits Of Successful Businesses In today´s post I will share with you the habits of successful businesses. I know from personal experience that running your own business means you have a lot on your plate. But one thing I’ve noticed about the more successful local businesses that I’ve worked with is that they have


What Is SEO And Is It Worth It For Local Business?

SEO Explained

In today´s post I will explain what SEO is and why you need it if you are a local business. Watch this quick fun video on how to rank number 1 on Google… If you’ve been working on an online marketing strategy as a way to grow your business, there’s little doubt you’ve heard the term