How To Choose The Right Social Media Channel For A Small Business

How to choose the right social media channel

Today I will help you choose the right social media platform to market your business. Not all social media is the same, no matter what type of brand you have. There is no one “set it and forget it” strategy that is going to work across everything. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why


10 Easy Ways To Get More Online Customer Reviews

How to get more online reviews and customer feedback

How To Get More Online Reviews In today´s post we´ll share with you some easy steps on how to get more customer reviews. If you think customer testimonials and reviews don’t matter, think again. We live in an online world, the first place the vast majority of people go to find out about a product


5 Things That Every Small Business Owner Must Know about Social Media

In today´s post I will share with you what every business owner should know about social media. Let’s face it, you probably “know” you should be on social media. But, chances are your brand hasn’t embraced social media as much as it could. There are plenty of reasons for this, especially for small businesses: lack


5 Basic Social Media Mistakes Local Businesses Make & How to Fix Them (#2 is Important)

Social media mistakes to avoid

In today´s post I share with you the most common social media mistakes I see businesses make. When it comes to social media, local businesses have a huge opportunity, and yet so many of them aren’t grabbing it. Instead of using social media to increase the awareness of their brand, get more visitors to visit


How To Use Linkedin to Get More Leads – (5 Easy Ways)

Linkedin strategies to get more leads and sales

How To Get More Leads Using Linkedin In this post I will share with you my top tips on how to use Linkedin to get more leads. Watch this quick video on how to use Linkedin for business … Every brand wants them. Imagine a world where you could have a solid flow of leads