9 Best Ecommerce Software for Small Business

best ecommerce software

As a small business owner, you will no doubt be looking for ways to increase your revenue. One obvious way is to sell your products and services online. After all; setting up an ecommerce store is a cost-effective way of reaching a wider audience. In effect, you have a shop open for business 24 hours


How to Create an Online Store – The Easy Way

how to create an online store

The Internet offers convenience and speed when it comes to buying products and services. These days, one can surf the Web, order a pizza or even buy a brand new car at any time, day or night. The online shopping sector is growing on a phenomenal scale. According to the ONS, online sales accounted for


The Definitive Guide to Softaculous

One click software install

In this guide I will explain what Softaculous is and share with you a great list of apps that you can install with it. What is Softaculous? Softaculous in cPanel Which Softaculous Script is Right for you? List scripts installed by Softaculous Import Script to Softaculous Upgrade a script in Softaculous Install a Script Remove


The Ultimate HTML5 Guide

HTML 5 Guide

Below is a list of all HTML 5 tags HTML5 Elements: <!DOCTYPE> – The “DOCTYPE” begins the HTML document and tells a validator which version of HTML to use in checking the document’s syntax. Read more at W3C W3schools  <a> – The <a> tag defines an anchor and may be used to establish a link to another document, as a bookmark on


How Your Hosting is Damaging Your Search Engine Rankings

Many people don’t give a second thought to choosing their web hosting platform. There’s no shortage of service providers that offer dirt cheap hosting plans, and few folks bother to really read the fine print and see what they’re actually getting before they sign up for one. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better!   In fact,