Terry Nelson (UK Entrepreneur) explains how Real Madrid F.C signed him up!

Today my guest is an inspirational businessman. Terry Nelson. Terry is the founder & driving force behind TNAR – Terry Nelson’s Aqua Running. Terry is the creator of the patented “Elite Hydro Buoyancy Training System” a revolutionary buoyancy training suit which allows its users to remain completely upright in water, permitting them to perform a


Web Designer Hosting Options (Quick Guide)

web designer hosting

In this post we will share the best web designer web hosting options. If you are a web designer looking for a hosting solution so that you can resell hosting to your customers, I would definitely recommend a reseller hosting. Listen to the following audio where we explain what a reseller hosting plan is and its benefits.


What is cPanel? Explained


What is cPanel? [toc] We’re often asked what is cPanel Hosting. cPanel is basically a Control panel for managing your hosting service and is included in all of Pickaweb´s Hosting packages. The great thing is that it allows non technical people to manage all aspects of their hosting without the need for advanced technical skills. Most


The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing

Free content marketing guide

Content Marketing which is all about adding valuable content to your website, primarily through your blog. The reason for this is that adding content to your website on a regular basis is a BIG DEAL. How big? Well, it is estimated that even a small business website with a blog can get up over 50%


What is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting?

shared hosting vs reseller hosting

We are often asked what is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting.  Here we explain the main benefits of each option. Shared Hosting – perfect for home users and small businesses – reseller hosting for multiple websites, etc.. Most people will be familiar with the shared option. This is where you purchase some