9 Ways To Get Popular On Social Media

get popular on social media

You are a tech-savvy person and a digital marketer. So, it is definitely important for you to remain on top of all the social media trends and changes. Like a living being social media is a constantly developing and ever-evolving field. Every few days there will be a one or the other new feature that


10 Ideas to Use Colors for Effective Marketing and Branding Strategies

Everybody is talking about color psychology and how to use it for branding and marketing. And here I am, stuck with white paper, thinking on how to fill it with black words. Such a black and white life of mine. Can you imagine a life with black and white colors only? Did I make you


4 Smart Ways to Make Remote Work, Work for You

re,mote work

The future of remote work has never looked brighter. More and more people are working remotely and there are opportunities of all kinds for them. You aren’t just limited to telecommuting, but you can keep your job and work from home, start freelancing and travel the world, or change locations frequently and have a remote


How to Build Your Business With Open Source E-commerce

Opensource business

We receive dozens of requests here at www.opsway.com from entrepreneurs all over the world every month. All of them want to found a new ecommerce business or to improve an existing one. We have probably seen hundreds of launches, failures and successes by now. The reasons for success are different – a fluke or combination


Paid vs Organic: Understanding Attribution in Your Metrics

paid vs organic advertising

Do you prefer paid or organic advertising? Your answer is most likely ‘both’, since they serve different purposes. According to The Manifest, 86 percent of marketers use both paid and organic marketing tactics. “Organic marketing is critical because it lets you develop and maintain a brand presence,” the report says. “Nurture your audience with a