Product Page Optimization: 8 Ways to Drive More Conversions

How to optimize your product page

A lot of e-commerce businesses put a lot of effort into their homepage but this level of effort fails to reach the product pages. This is a common but serious mistake as the product pages deserve a lot more attention than it’s getting. Your product pages lay out your actual merchandise and these should be designed in a way that would entice your customers to make an actual purchase.

To drive more conversions, you must optimize your site. Here are 8 ways on how to do it:

Make use of high-quality graphics

Photos, videos, and other graphics are essential for e-commerce sites. But they would only give impact if these visuals are of great quality. To ensure quality with graphics, here are some best practices that you should observe:

  • It is best if you have multiple images of your products taken from different angles as this allows your customers to see your products from different points of view. Aim to provide 360-degree photos on your product pages.
  • It is also advisable to have your product photos be zoomable. Your customers would appreciate the ability to take a closer look at your products.
  • If your products are available in different colors, your product photos should be of the chosen color, and should also change with a simple selection on the color palette.
  • If possible, don’t just have photos of the product itself but also of the product in action. This gives a better perspective of your products for sale.
  • Videos can also help drive conversions so putting videos of your products is also a good idea. Product demos are what are usually placed on product pages.

The goal of graphics is to help visualize your product. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses as there is no other way for your customers to see your products other than through the visuals that you will provide.

It is crucial that you make use only of high-quality graphics for your product pages.

Address friction through your product pages

A challenge for all businesses engaged in e-commerce is dealing with the doubt of customers. E-commerce businesses really face hesitation from customers because they don’t see the products they are trying to buy. This is especially true for products with unfamiliar brands.

There are ways for which you can make use of your product pages to address these hesitations. Some of these are the following:

  • Communicate your pricing clearly. Avoid hidden charges.
  • Present your commitment to security and privacy to your customers. Show your security certificates and trust badges.
  • Provide an FAQ section and address common questions so that your customers can check first before reaching out for their other concerns.

These steps can help build the trust in your business. Building on trust can help drive more conversion.

Make customer feedback visible

Customer feedback is essential for e-commerce. Reviews made by actual users of products can help convince a lot of first-time buyers, and those who have hesitation. Reviews have the same impact as a recommendation from a friend and can really help address hesitation.

While the goal is to feature a positive recommendation, don’t go the point of deleting negative feedback. It is better to show how you resolve it so your other customers will see how you handle challenging situations.

As a best practice, each product page should have a section for reviews, and you should be diligent enough in managing all these.

With that, always remember to encourage your customers to provide feedback. The more feedback is present, the more effective they become. When you can, incentivize those who provide great feedback.

Aim to improve your site speed

Your e-commerce site’s speed has a major effect on your conversion. A lot of things can happen in 60 seconds online, so your potential customers are expecting that they will be able to do a lot on your site. They won’t be able to do that if your site is slow so make sure to aim to have a commendable site speed.

One of the things you can are fixing broken links on your site. Another is reducing the number of HTTP request that your site will need to handle, which can be done by limiting the number of files you put into your site. Keep your site lean so it can remain nimble.

To ensure that your site’s speed is optimal, perform routine checks. There are tools that not only check your site speed but also dig deeper and relay what is causing such performance, and where you can improve on so that your site can be faster. These tools also usually provide actionable recommendations that can provide effective solutions.

When site speed is not an issue, it is easy for you to implement other strategies that can help improve your conversions. Given this, make sure that you really take speed improvement seriously.

Find a way to feature products

One of the techniques that you can do to improve the conversion of your products is to feature certain products every now and then. This is especially helpful for products that do not get a lot of traction. Putting it out there can stir the interest of potential customers.

It is also a great way to jumpstart new product offerings or to further improve the performance of best-selling products. There is a lot of help strategic featuring of products can do. So be sure to take advantage of it.

Offer live chat functionality

Offering live chat is not as optional as it was in the past. Live chat is almost expected from e-commerce businesses. Live chat has a lot of benefits especially when made available on product pages.

Your customers may have questions that could not be addressed in the FAQ section, so reaching out to you is their only choice. A convenient way to reach out is via the live chat function that you will make available for them. Answering their questions and addressing their concerns may just be what is needed to close the deal.

Additional services like this can really help increase your chances of improving your conversion so really consider offering live chat.

If you would not be able to provide 24/7 live chat by actual people, you may also make use of chatbots and answer basic inquiries from your customers. The use of chatbots has also grown, and they can serve as a valuable and worthwhile investment.

But of course, chatbots would not be able to 100% take over the job of human customer support now so you would still need to provide some form of customer service from real people. This ensures that your business will retain a human touch, which your customers would really appreciate.

Prioritize mobile compatibility

The use of mobile devices for e-commerce purposes has gone up dramatically because of the continuous improvement in mobile technology. It is therefore important to ensure that e-commerce sites, especially the product pages, compatible with mobile devices.

In optimizing products pages for mobile, the goal is the provide user experience that is at par with what desktop users have. Some of the crucial aspects are ensuring that the loading speed on mobile is great and that all visuals can adapt to smaller screens.

Mobile compatibility is not an option anymore. It is a step that all e-commerce businesses, and all website owners for that matter, would really need to put effort on. Mobile compatibility is also a requirement for search engine optimization, which also plays a huge role on whether you will have a good conversion.


Strategize winning call-to-action

The last tip for driving more conversions through your product pages is to make use of winning calls-to-action. CTAs are effective but only when done in the right way. Here are some of the best practices for CTAs:

  • Your Add to Cart button should be prominent. It should be easily seen, and should really stand out from other elements of your product page. It should really grab the attention of your customers.
  • Keep a consistent tone in your content. Your content should have one and the same style and should support your call-to-action.
  • Your call to action should be inviting, but not too pushy. Calls-to-action is cued to what you want your customers to do. But there’s always a better way to say it than just being too straight to the point that you sound like you’re hard-selling.

Your product page is truly an important aspect of your e-commerce business. It should not be taken for granted because again, your product pages represent what you are trying to sell so make sure that your product pages are crafted well. To have a better conversion, your product pages should be optimized for it.

The 8 tips above are some of the most effective ways to optimize your product pages for you to earn higher conversion. Follow these 8 tips and you will be able to take 8 steps forward in achieving the results you want.

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    Informative article. I agree that the photos, videos, and other graphics are essential for e-commerce sites. I strongly feel selecting the right image would help in the product page optimization. One question though — How do you ensure that the image selected is the right one? Do you use any off-site platforms like to test all the possible product images?

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