SEO Trends in 2019

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Many online businesses are still heavily focused on refining their marketing strategies to increase their holiday sales, while 2019 is practically around the corner. Of course, you should make the most of the peak selling season of the year, but there is no time like the present to also start building a solid strategy for the upcoming year. After all, as technological advances reshape search engine algorithms and customer experience, every brand needs to stay a few steps ahead of their competitors in order to retain their current customers and attract new ones.

In a sea of available methods that can make or break your overall SEO efforts, we have handpicked the following as 2019 favorites. Let’s take a closer look at these tendencies and how you can utilize them to your advantage to grow your business in the upcoming months!

Mobile comes first

For the sake of greater convenience and faster access to information on the go, we’ve switched to using portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. The fact that almost 60% of all US traffic online is conducted on smartphones speaks volumes of how our habits are changing in favor of smaller screens. Add to that, we’re spending literally hours every day searching the web using our phones, making them the primary means of content consumption for the majority of the globe. These numbers may differ among various age groups, but the predominant trends all point to mobile taking over the throne.

As always, Google and other engines reflect this changing tendency in the way they rank websites. Now, officially, your website’s mobile version will be treated as its main version for determining your rank in the SERPs. What that means for your SEO strategy is that you need to up your mobile game now more than ever if you want to keep your status high.

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Blockchain to change the game

Cryptocurrency fans already know how Blockchain is used to enable safe transactions in this increasingly popular realm of digital finances. However, for those who have yet to discover its incredible potency, Blockchain, in short, is a technology that can record any valuable data and prevent it from being corrupted by a third party. How can this affect the SEO realm?

Well, for starters, it can help increase transparency, the validity of information, and prevent online fraud in its many forms. This may not pan out as the best possible scenario for Google, which is still a needed mediator between websites and advertisers, but this tech will ultimately help with determining genuine clicks from those made by click-bots, as well as genuine link-building efforts unlike its fake counterparts. For now, this technology has yet to be implemented into various layers of SEO, but it seems that 2019 shows great promise in advancing in this direction.

Keeping up with Google

SEO has always been a fast-paced game, one that leaves many brands behind in their slow attempt to determine the best among many approaches to defeat their competition. Today, we are seeing a rise in innovation in every possible digital sphere, from security systems, all the way to graphic design and content diversification. This in turn puts a stronger focus on finding new, updated ways to meet the demands put forth by search engines.

It has become vital to keep up with the latest SEO trends in order to gain an advantage over your rivals in the industry. You have to invest in continuous keyword research, website updates based on algorithm changes, and target audience research that will ultimately define your entire strategy.  It’s easy to get caught up in this game and overlook some of the essentials, so relying on an extensive SEO checklist can come in quite handy and help you make sure that you’re not missing anything out

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The E-A-T score importance

While we’re on the subject of significant algorithm changes, Google introduced one of its most relevant updates in 2018 that will affect many a website, especially those related to health, fitness, and medicine – hence the nickname “the Medic Update”. This infamous change affected websites with low EAT scores, which is short for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Simply put, websites that are meant to provide exceptionally educational, informative content and fail to do so according to Google’s standards are penalized for their lack of effort.

Finally, search engines are starting to recognize to what extent online content can have an impact on any user’s life. After all, so many of us choose to learn from online resources we deem reputable, and this online reputation is often determined solely by popularity of their content. Google has decided to filter irrelevant sites that don’t deliver research-backed, informative content of value to its visitors. No matter your industry, but especially if you’re in the health business, it’s wise to focus on creating quality, thorough, well-researched content that will keep you on the good side of Google.

Step up your voice search efforts

If over half of teenagers and 41% of adults choose voice search every day, it definitely points to a rising trend for your SEO strategy. For now, most of those searches refer to getting the right directions, finding cooking tips, and for the sake of easier multitasking – so we choose to talk to our phone instead of dialing a number while on a treadmill, or asking it to type out a text while our hands are in the midst of cookie dough making.

This simple trend will quickly alter how we conduct online searches as well, thus turning into a priority for business to rank higher for voice searches in their designated niche. As technology advances to give us smarter search options, it makes sense to utilize it to search the web when we shop or when we want to learn about a new topic.


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While some tried-and-tested SEO rules still apply in 2019, it’s crucial to step up to the learning curve and start implementing some of the latest tech advances. Start researching how the listed SEO trends can affect your particular business, and you will help your brand thrive in the competitive market that will only grow in the months to come.

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    It is no secret that companies have become innovative and creative in their digital marketing initiatives. So, these are some of the upcoming SEO trends that we will there in the year 2019. Also, influencer marketing, micro-moment marketing and many more trends that we will see in this year.

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