Smart Marketing: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Business Promotion

Artificial intelligence

Thankfully, we are not living in an era where businessmen had to depend on people for every single thing – be it even cool logo design. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made the business largely machine-oriented. Machines are becoming smarter through artificial intelligence and playing a huge role in the promotion of trade.

The AI might not have replaced men completely until now, but corporates are using the power of AI to skyrocket their brands. Here is how AI can put a positive impact on your business:


#1 – Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is based on past data, machine learning techniques, and statistical algorithms. When all these factors combine, they prove to be very helpful for your future decisions. Predictive analysis is being used in so many areas these days, and it is making its mark in marketing as well.

Naturally, when you run a promotional event keeping the past record of customers in mind, the possibilities become higher to get the maximum engagements, and you tend to make fewer mistakes. However, the data should be collected very carefully in this process. You can’t make the most of this method if there are lapses in the data collection.

Is not it amazing that you can somewhat predict the future of your business? The credit goes to none other than AI. Predictive analysis has reduced the risk factor a great deal for entrepreneurs.


#2 – Chatbots

Obviously, it requires a lot of your resources if you want to keep in constant touch with the consumers. It is not humanly possible until you expand your budget which is not everybody can afford. That’s the reason why companies are widely using chatbots to assist their customers 24/7. As AI is becoming more advanced, chatbots are also becoming more intelligent. “Siri” of the iPhone is the latest example in this respect.

According to a study, 37 per cent of the website users want quick answers to their queries. This communication gap can be quickly filled with advanced chatbots. According to the same research, about 40 per cent of millennials say that they talk to chatbots regularly.

These numbers are quite clearly indicating the importance of chatbots to promote your business. They have become quite an essential factor in providing reliable customer service. Smart entrepreneurs know that if the customer service is not up to the standard, it could be a huge turn-off for people.


#3 – Content Editing Tools

Content marketing is still among one of the best ways to promote business. There is a vast audience-base which engages with written content more deeply than the rest of the other marketing tactics. All its benefits aside, content creation used to be a challenging task before the arrival of AI. If you are unable to write engaging content, consider the following tools:


Grammarly detects all small and big grammatical issues from the content and makes it completely error-free.


This tool is known for spell checking. Moreover, it also detects error regarding punctuations, structure, tense and so on.


With the help of this tool, your content becomes organised. It is arranged in such a way that one paragraph shows a connection with the other section. Hence, the reader gets an enjoyable reading experience.


This tool gives you an idea about the length of your sentences. Long sentences are a big hurdle in a fluent reading. Wordcountjet takes care of this problem within your content.


In order to write, you have to collect enormous data. With the assistance of writing ocean, you can open more than three websites regarding the aspired category.


Through this tool, you come to know about various writing styles. This helps you to adopt new writing techniques and eventually, your writing improves.


#4 – Audience Targeting

Marketing has become very specific due to AI. You can filter out the audience which does not have the potential to become your customer. Gender, geography, interests and other things are considered before serving advertisement. That way, you can filter out all the unwanted audience which increases your ROI.

Since AI is improving, it is also expected that in future more insights will be taken into account before launching a marketing campaign which will make the marketing even more targeted than today.


#5 – Social Media Monitoring

A lot of people today are pro-actively using social media. We can see that social media’s influence is increasing, and whatever goes viral there people accept that as a fact. That’s why you should always know what people are saying about your brand on social media.

 Other than that, social media monitoring tools give us the following information:

  • You can learn about trending phrases and then include them in your marketing campaign to get maximum traffic.
  • Social media monitoring tools are very productive to let you know customer sentiments.
  • You will realise which brand is currently trending on top and where does your brand stand.
  • These tools will be handy to provide customer information.

Some of these tools are briefly described below

Crimson Hexagon: This tool helps you to identify the audience on social media which can prove to be very useful to grow your brand.

Digital Air Strike: Through this, your online presence improves along with SEO. Digital air strike is efficient in terms of building an excellent reputation for your brand.


#6 – Personalised Pricing

Your cookies, searches, and other data are monitored through AI. This data is, and then bots send the prices accordingly. More often than not, personalised pricing does the job for marketers because machine learning has improved so much that prices offered are likely to be appealing to the customers. This method is also known as dynamic pricing.

This marketing strategy is working very well for the business community. Along with customer data, demand and supply of products are kept in mind before determining a suitable price.


#7 – Computer Vision

Computer vision is the same as human vision. Just like humans, computers now have the capacity to gain a high level of understanding through images and videos with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Text-based search is still dominant, but visual-search is also improving as its effectiveness increases.

When it comes to fashion, people are keen to buy a particular style. This is where the visual-search chips in. It is very likely that shoppers find what they are looking for by using the option of visual search.  It is based on three steps:

  1. Acquiring the photo
  2. Processing the image
  • Analysing and understanding the picture or video


# 8 – Data Analysis

Data analysis plays a vital role in the marketing world today. While human beings can collect the data, it is tough for them to evaluate it and then categorise it into different classifications. AI does this job with perfection. Proper and on point data analysis has made marketing more targeted than ever.


#9 – Content Curation

AI does not only come up with quality content, but it is also capable of sending relevant content to the users as well. This process is called content curation where the ads will be based on the track record of the user.

For example, if a user has the history which shows his interest in fashion, he will get the content related to that. This practice automatically increases the chances of engagements because the chances are that you are watching exactly what you are looking for.


#10 – Email Marketing

Emails are still a favourite tool for marketing. Further, the addition of AI has improved email marketing a lot. Through machine learning, you can track the behaviour of users and decide whether it is worth contacting the person or not. Following this pattern, you skip the people who might not respond to your marketing campaign which saves a lot of your time and energy.

On top of that, you can schedule your email at the time when they are most likely to read them – like a weekend or some other holiday. Moreover, a well-written email can get the customer excited, and he might end up sharing it. Thus, you will have an opportunity of improving your sales via referral marketing as well.


#11 – Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is doing wonders in the marketing world. It has become one of the most used tools by the young generation. Speech recognitionenjoys a very positive graph, and the future signals of this technology also look very bright. One example is that Google’s speech to text speed is always improving. According to a study, about 50 per cent of the searches will be voice searches by 2020.

With speech recognition in place you can reap the following benefits:

  • Generate automatic transcriptions
  • Support process can be streamlined
  • It helps to write email quickly and efficiently

AI is only diversifying marketing strategies but also has wide application in our life. However, such integration of AI could result in better promotional approach, hitting more targets and achieving better outcome.

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