+120 List of Social Media & Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find experts in your niche who you can learn from. The more interesting people you follow the more interesting your twitter experience will be.

If you are wondering who to follow on twitter we have put together a great list of the best social media and marketing experts you can follow today.

List of Social Media & Marketing Experts

1) David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is Marketing & Sales Strategist, keynote speaker and bestselling author of 10 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.

2) John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas

3) Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is a Social Media & Instagram consultant and trainer. 

4) Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro is LinkedIn Expert, keynote speaker, social selling and author of #1 bestseller The LinkedIn Code | Digital Marketing.

5) Danial Newman

Danial Newman is a contributor, MBA, Paid speaker on Social, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud.

6) Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is a Social Media speaker, author of The Art of Social Media.

7) TNW


TNW Social Media is part of The Next Web Family and tweets news and analysis on social media and marketing.

8) Kaveh


Kaveh is Senior Sales Consultant who is passionate about Psychology, Marketing, Technology & Innovation.

9) Razor Social


Razor Social tweets on Social Media and Content Marketing Technology.

10) Jason Eng

Jason Eng is a Digital Marketing Community Lead/Exec. He is also Producer of Think Leaders video series.

11) Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe teaches startups how to convert like mofos using li’l ol’ words, old-skool copywriting and new-skool smartz.

12) Adam Connell

Adam Connell helps entrepreneurs reach more people online. He is founder of Blogging Wizard.

13) Randy Hilarski

Randy Hilarski is a #Bitcoin consultant. 

14) My Social Agency

My Social Agency are a fully integrated digital marketing agency turning followers to advocates clicks to conversions and ideas to reality.

15) Singley+Mackie

Singley+Mackie is a full service digital agency making magic for Microsoft, YP.com, Samsung, Hasbro & others.

16) HeYo


Heyo helps build your email list and drive sales on Facebook. Heyo is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online.

17) Bruce Sallan

Bruce Sallan is a dad, writer, radio host and founder of DadChat.

18) Kimberly Castleberry

Kimberly Castleberry is a social media technology and internet marketing specialist.

19) Social Chorus

The SocialChorus is a daily news app for work.

20) CamMi Pham

CamMi Pham is eCommerce Marketer, Personal Development and Travel blogger.

21) Ahna Hendrix

Ahna Hendrix is CEO of Arch Digital. She is God lover, yogi, traveler, and compulsive reader.

22) SMM Magazine

SMM Magazine features marketing leaders from the business, publishing, publishing, and academic communities.

23) Our Social Time

Our Social Times is a social media agency working with clients in the UK and Europe.

24) Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is CEO of MKTG Insiders, author of The Content Formula. He is a Consultant and Marketing Speaker.

25) Social Media Tweeks

Social Media Tweets

Social Media Tweets are made up of top notch posts & videos on social media and internet marketing.

26) Keri Jaehnig

Keri Jaehnig is founder of Idea Girl Media in Ohio , Social Media Marketer and leader of Likeable League Insider’s Club.

27) Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman is Content Marketing & Sociam Media Consultant, CEO of HonigmanMedia and also contributor at Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, The Next Web and Adjunct Professor.

28) Jure KLEPIC

Jure KLEPIC is Digital strategist, partner, contributor to HuffingtonPost.

29) Francisco Rosales

Francisco Rosales helps entrepreneurs and small businesses turn their vanilla web presence into a profit powerhouse.

30) Igi Fischer

Igi Fischer is designer of contemporary internet products.

31) Jodi Okun

Jodi is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, student loans Brand Ambassador at College Financial Aid Advisors.

32) Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary is an award winning tech blogger on RazorSocial, contributor for Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur.com etc.

33) Esteban Contreras

Esteban is Director of Experience Design at Sprinklr UX and marketing startup advisor. He is author of Social State.

34) Fadra Nally

35) Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer is a social video public speaker championing vlogging.

36) Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is CMO, Brand Evangellist at PostPlanner. She is also Award Winning Social Media writer, Strategist, Author, and Speaker.

37) Cheryl K. Burgess

Cheryl is CEO of Blue Focus, author, Wharton Contributor, Forbes Top 5 CMP and Economist.

38) Blake Jamieson

Blake Jamieson is an author, speaker and surfer.

39) Diana Adams

Diana Adams is USC graduate and tech entrepreneur.

40) Ileane Smith

Ileane Smith is a blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber and Social Media Diva.

41) TheInstagramExpert

TheInstagramExpert is a speaker, Rollerblader and top CreativeLive instructor.

42) Stephanie Carls

Stephanie Carls is a Digital lifestyle YouTuber, tech enthusiast, video marketer and Client Success Manager.

43) Pam Moore

Pam Moore is a 50% marketing 50% geek CEO. She is Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer.

44) eMarketer

eMarketer does research for Marketing in a Digital World.

45) Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

Kerry is a speaker, lawyer, writer, Podcaster, senior manager at MarketingProfs.

46) SimplyZesty

SimplyZesty is Award-winning design, development, strategy and support for important websites.

47) Jim Connolly

Jim Connolly writes one of the world’s most popular marketing blogs.

48) Chris Hughes

49) Jayson DeMers

Jayson DeMers is founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing & social marketing agency. He is also writer for Forbes, HuffPo and more.

50) Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose is Channel Marketing and Sales Enthusiast, VP at Elastic Grid and also a best selling author.

51) Konrad Sanders

Konrad Sanders


Konrad Sanders is a creative copywriter, blogger, entrepreneur and street artist.

52) Sean Gardner

Sean Gardner

Sean Gardner is a world traveler, board member at WorldCoomForum, Global Keynote speaker, GivingTuesday Ambassador, Digital Producer at TwinStarCU and author.

53) Shelly Kramer

Shelly Kramer

Shelly Kramer is digital marketing brand strategist, information junkie with a penchant for quick wit.

54) Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich

Gini is CEO of Arment Dietrich, author of blog and book. She co-authored Marketing in the Round.

55) Garin Kilpatrick

Garin Kilpatrick 

Garin Kilpatrick is a web developer, marketing strategist, car guy, growth hacker, bodybuilder and entrepreneur.

56) Lori R Taylor

Lori R Taylor

Lori is founder of REV Media Marketing LLC and TruPet LLC. 


Jason Ramsey

Jason Ramsey is an educator, rocker, writer, networker, small business owner, amateur photographer, listener, reader, film enthusiast, guitar and music lover.


Social Media Guide

Tweets on Social Media Marketing news and tips.


Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is Chieftain of the blog {grow} & social media bouncer. He is a consultant, educator, author of five best-selling books including Social Media Explained & The Content Code.


Glen Gilmore #SocBiz

Glen Gilmore is a Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influence and an author.

61) Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman is Fractional CMO and principal at DigiMarkPartners.com, digital marketing and social media for SMB, board member at HootSuite Podium and an author.

62) Kim


Kim is Producer of soho.network.

63) Chris Reimer

Chris Reimer

Chris Reimer is the best-selling author of HappyWork. A humanist, communicator, and former CPA.

64) DMWF


Digital Marketing World Forum event series for marketing professionals.

65) SmartBrief on SocMed

SmartBrief on SocMed

SmartBrief on SocMed tweets for marketers who need daily info on social networking trends. SBoSM is a free daily email newsletter.



Amy Porterfield is an expert in monetizing online marketing efforts and growing social media fan base, email lista and boosting profits.

67) Deepak Gupta


Deepak Gupta is savvy marketing & social media visionary, PR, and Marketo Certified Expert.

68) AndreaVahl


Andrea Vahl is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. She is creator of GrandmaMaryShow.


Ramon De Leon

Ramon De Leon is Global Business and Social Media Keynote speaker, Word of Mouth Supergenius, Social Strategiest and Customer Evangelist.


Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald runs the Practical Social Media University, training for Network marketers.


Marie Forleo


Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is TEDTalk and Keynote speaker, CEO of PureMatter, author of best-selling books: ShareologyBook & Human to Human.



Renee Blodgett is a Branding, Social Media, Marketing, PR & Professional Coach!


Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is author of Maximize Your Social, consultant and speaker.


Julia Rosien

Julia Rosien is a blogger, line-jumper, and wine-ambassador.


Ted Rubin


carrie kerpen

Carrie Kerpen is CEO of Likeable Media.


Damien Basile

Damien Basile is a clothing designer.


Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, content marketer, and business blogger. She is HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified.


Amber Osborne

Amber Osborne is co-founder and CMO of Meshfire, AI for Social Media, Forbes Top 50 Social CMO.


John Paul Aguiar

John Paul Aguiar helps bloggers, entrepreneurs to use Blog marketing, Twitter marketing, and Social Media.


Social Media Today

Social Media Today provides Social Media insights, best practices, and tips from best thinkers in Social Marketing, Twitter, communications, advocacy, influencer and content marketing.


Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock is a speaker, social media consultant & trainer.


Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper is Social Media Enthusiast & Strategist. She creates social media campaigns to help build awareness.


Caleb Storkey

Caleb Storkey is founder & CEO of integrated marketing agency Storkeymedia.


Danny Brown

Danny Brown is co-founder at YellowIs4Hello.



The #1 stat site powered by Twitter.


Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan is CEO at HubSpot, author of Inbound Marketing book and MIT Senior Lecturer.

89) Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock is a keynote speaker, IBM Futurist, Influence Engineer, Radio Host, Author, Influencer and Friend.


Shauna Causey

Shauna Causey is an adviros and speaker. Previously marketing VP at StartupWeekend, Nordstrom, Decide, eBay & ComCast.


Lewis Howes

Lewis is NY Times, WSJ & USA Today Bestselling author. Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Former pro athlete & USA National Team. Top 50 Podcaster world wide.


Erika Napoletano

Erika is a TEDx talker.


Carla Young

Carla Young is Freelance copywriter, photographer and publisher of MoMeo Magazine.


Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee is award winning designer and brand strategist. He is featured in Forbes, Wired, Huff Post and Mashable.


Lauralee Guthrie is passionate about facilitating engagement and insights, through people, strategy, technology and analytics. She is Director Marketing & Communications at HOOPP.


Liz Azyan

Liz Azyan is experienced digital & social media strategist.


Laura Roeder

Laura Roder is founder of LKR & MeetEdgar.


We Are Social

We Are Social is a global agency delivering world class creative ideas with forward thinking brands.


Amy Vernon

Amy Vernon is advisor @DailyDot, board @CiviliNation, adjunct @NYU, Grad @MedillSchool.


Michael A. Stelzner

Michael is founder of Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing Podcast host, author and committed Christian.


Britt Michaelian

Britt Michaelian is a writer, artist, producer, entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative seeking to inspire, empower & love the world through words & images with heart.


Cindy King

Cindy King is Director of Editorial at Social Media Examiner. She also host the International Stories podcast and blog.


TJ McCue

TJ McCue is strategist, marketer, writer, and Forbes Tech Contributor.

104) Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a virtual mentor and helps overwhelmed, high achievers get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life.

105) Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier

106) Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich is business growth manager, speaker, social marketing pro, Podcaster etc.

107) Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is Human Potential Thought Leader, Top Social Media Influencer, United Nations appointed Global Champion.

108) Jason Keath

Jason Keath

Jason Keath is CEO of Social Fresh where social marketers go to get inspired artist, permanent tourist, Manhattanite in the CLT.

109) Brian Carter

Brian Carter

Brian Carter is #1 bestselling author of The Like Economy, keynote speaker and consultant.

109) Beverly Macy

Beverly Macy

Beverly Macy is author, educator and strategist.

110) Jay Baer

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is the most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers. He is an author speaker, podcaster, investor and President of Convince.

111) Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is founder and chief digital storyteller. He is translator of GEEK speak.

112) Carri Bugbee

Carri Bugbee

Carri Bugbee is a Digital marketing, PR/ad pro, app promotions and Shorty Award winner for PeggyOlson.

113) Ana Lucia NovakAna Lucia Novak

114) Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy is VP of Marketing at OpenViewVenture, author, built global content team at ExactTarget, Salesforce, and MarketingClound.

115) Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski conducts coaching small business owners how to create a big client base, make a lot of money & live a life they are happy with.

116) JD Rucker

JD Rucker

117)  Tom Pick

Tom Pick

118) Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is #1 Best selling author.

119) Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Ben Parr is author of Captivology, tech investor, advisor and consultant, Lufthansa board, curator of TechCaucus, former co-editor at Mashable, CNET, Forbes 30 under 30.

120) Emeric Ernoult

Emeric Ernoult

Emeric Ernoult is social media and Facebook marketing addict. Facebook marketing blogger and a serial entrepreneur.

I hope you liked our post on the top social media marketing experts to follow on Twitter.

Are there any other experts you would recommend?

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    Thank you for including me Pilar. Even though I no longer focus marketing in my writing I still employ these skills daily in building my clients brands. The goal is to be the marketer for the world of Bitcoin and Cypto-Currency. Have an amazing afternoon.

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    This is quite a list. Most I follow, though a few new ones I’d like to see more of.

    Have you put all the names in a Twitter list? That would make it much more useful to follow.

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