14 Social Media Tools to Juice Up Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Social Media Tools that will help your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is recognized as an effective marketing platform, and it is tapped by businesses of all sizes, and natures. Its biggest strength is in its massive user base, matched with the numerous marketing and advertising potential that is present through the platform.

While there are a lot of free tools that you can make use of Facebook for marketing purposes, there are also premium advertising that can help you target specific subsets of Facebook users which can be tailored to your target audience, bringing about even better results.

To even juice up your Facebook Marketing campaign, here are 15 social media tools that you should take advantage of:



DrumUp is a tool for social media management and content curation. It makes use of Natural Language Processing and machine learning to suggest custom content based on keywords that you select. It can then schedule your content for you. DrumUp works for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

DrumUp also has this helpful negative keyword feature wherein you can identify content that you would not want to share. This includes content that makes mention of your competitors.


If you would like to boost your social media marketing campaign through stunning graphics, then Canva can help you out. It is a multi-purpose graphics tool that can help you create visual content for your social media marketing. With Canva, it is easy to customize logos, images, and even infographics.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot offers a blog topic generator, a free tool that can help bring about great content for its users. It is effortless to use as you have to input up to a maximum of 5 nouns on the tool, and it will provide you with blog idea suggestions.

What’s excellent about HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is that the company is dedicated on not monetizing it, so it is free from any form of advertisement.

Facebook’s Audience Insights

Facebook itself has tools that you can maximize to boost your social media marketing campaigns. One of these is Audience Insights.

This tool helps you know more about your audience so that you can create strategies that are tailored-fit for them. Audience Insights gives you an idea of your audiences’ demographics, interests, and even Facebook behavior and purchase activity.

With this helpful information, you would have the ability to craft the right campaign for them.

Wolfram Alpha

With your permission, Wolfram Alpha analyzes your Facebook activity and identifiable trends. Not only does it give information about you, but it also provides information about your friends, and how they’re all connected.

This helps identify your network, and how you can appeal to them so that you can come up with campaigns that are suitable for them.

Through Wolfram Alpha, you can group your network into clusters, and you can come up with campaigns that are best fit for them.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is an analytics and reporting tool for various social media platforms. One of its central features is the comprehensive comparison between two Facebook Fan Pages which gives you an idea of how each of them performs.

Just insert the URL of the two fan pages, and the tool will break it down into a detailed analysis that you can then use.

It can also individually evaluate a page, which you can then use to make your page and content even more appealing, and more engaging.


ShortStack is a contest software that is best to be used for giveaway campaigns on Facebook and on Instagram. Giveaways are very engaging campaigns, and using ShortStack can even make it more effective.

ShortStack allows you to publish your campaign as a landing page, a Facebook app, or both. You can also make use of customizable templates that are also optimized for mobile. With ShortStack, you can create the most out of your giveaway campaigns for the best results.


Likealyzer is a free analytics tool that rates your Facebook pages and gauges its potential. It measures your page’s score, in which you would be able to identify areas that should be improved on. It is also possible for you to determine the score of the pages of your competitors so that you will know how you can do better.


Sumo is a tool that can boost your sharing optimization. Social media sharing is essential nowadays, and through Sumo, sharing on social media is made a lot easier. Doing this can drive traffic from your site into your social media accounts, boosting the potential of your social media campaigns.


Tabsite is another free tool that can help you come up with engaging campaigns such as contests. It is best for contests that involve liking, sharing, and commenting, as it can manage the activity effectively, from start to end.


Testing is essential for any marketing campaign. Qwaya does a great job of helping businesses test their Facebook ads before launching so that they can reach their maximum potential. Not only that, but Qwaya also helps in the optimization of the timing of your future campaigns.


Animoto is a great tool that marketers can tap should they want to use videos for their campaigns. Animoto has a collection of licensed tracks and images that can be used to the benefits of its users. Videos are generally useful but can be challenging to tap without the right resources, but through Animoto, video campaigns are now easier to do.

Survey Anyplace

Quizzes and surveys are very commonplace in social media for various reasons and purposes. Surveys, for one, also allows your audience to communicate with you.

Survey Anyplace is a great tool to use for their management. It has an extensive collection of pleasing templates that you can use and customize to your liking.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can also be used to boost your social media marketing campaign, especially for Facebook.  Google Analytics can track your Facebook Ads’ performance.

While it may be true that Facebook Ads Manager already has this covered, it’s always a great idea to have a second opinion on your performance so that you’ll know how your ads did. By using a tool outside of Facebook, you are sure to get a more objective evaluation of your campaigns so that you will know where you can improve on. It is also proven that there usually is a discrepancy between the data from the Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics, so it is always best to get them both for a holistic evaluation.

Boost your Facebook Marketing Campaign Now

Facebook has indeed become a sought-after marketing platform. However, not all campaigns are done equally. It is therefore essential to seek the help of social media tools that can help bring about your desired results.

The tools above are some of the most effective social media tools around, bring you a step closer to your social media marketing goals, and one step in front of the competition.

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