The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

SEO Chrome Extensions

If you’re looking to increase your productivity when working on SEO tasks, there’s a loads of amazing Chrome extensions that will help you save time and make life much easier. We’ve listed our top 10 chrome extensions for SEO

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the best SEO tools that adds information about search volume, cost per click and keyword competition to the SERPs.

This makes life much easier for basic keyword research as you don’t need to load up and software if you want to quickly check the SERP ranking and search volume for a specific keyword. You can just type in the keyword in Google and immediately see the search keyword search volume and the rank of each website.

The extension supports a range of websites, including Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon and Ebay so it’s perfect for people working on a wide range of SEO projects. All of these can be easily disabled or enabled in the settings.

2. NoFollow

Nofollowis an extension which allows you to quickly identify which links on the page and nofollow and which are dofollow.

This will save you a lot of time if you’re prospecting for outreach opportunities and want to identify which websites will offer dofollow links. Instead of having to inspect links manually, any links with the rel=”nofollow” attribute will have a red dotted line aroundthem so are easily identifiable.

Below is an example of how a nofollow contextual link will appear with the extension enabled.

3. Check My Links

Check My Links is a fast and effective broken link checker.There are many ways you can use this to help improve your SEO. Firstly, it’s a useful tool for broken link building.

If you’re browsing blog articles you can quickly click on the extension and it will scan the page for broken links. Any 404 errors will be highlighted in the page. If you notice an external link to a 404, you can reach out to the website owner and inform them of the broken link.

Then you can offer your own article as an alternative to link to. It’s also a good way to quickly check for any internal 404 errors on your website that need to be fixed.

Valid links are highlighted in green:

Invalid links are highlighted in red and flagged as a 404:

4. MozBar

Mozbar is a useful tool because it quickly shows you the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the page you have open in the browser. Domain Authority and Page Authority are important metrics for measuring the strength of a web page.

However, they do not give the full picture so you should only take this figure as a rough guideline.For example, some spammy domains with low traffic could actually have a very high domain authority due to their volume of inbound links.You can also see the title tag, meta description, header tagsand more when you expand the bar. Overall, this is a useful tool to quickly view on-pageseo elements and give a quick indicator of SEO metrics.

5. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is one of the best ways to fine tune your website through A/B testing. With this Chrome extension you can use their visual editor to modify the CSS and HTML of your web page, including text, images, colour and size of CTAs, and more.

You can preview how each page will look for different visitors and choose the percentage of traffic that sees each variation of the page. Link this to your Google Analytics Goals to see which variation of your page converts the most users into customers.

6. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for chrome highlights any spelling or grammatical errors in your text. This is really useful if you’re writing content and want to save time on editing.

Grammarly will instantly flag up any mistakes in outreach emails, social media posts, blog articles and more. Correcting grammatical mistakes only takes a second, too! Grammarly will give you an immediate suggestion of a better alternative that will improve the quality of your writing.

7. Ayima Page Insights

Ayimahighlights a range of technical SEO issues on the web page you have open in your browser.

It can help you quickly identify issues with a certain page such as multiple H1 tags, incorrect title and meta description length, missing alt attributes and more. It also gives you actionable advice on steps you can take to improve any on-page SEO issues.

8. Portents SEO Page Review

Portents is another way of visualisingthe SEO elements that are contained within a page.

This contains more comprehensive data than MozBar and is useful if you’d prefer to conduct your own analysis instead of seeing recommendations from Ayima. It shows you the full range of header tags H1-H6, hreflang tags, canonical tags, on-page links and more to help you understand how search engines are understanding your web page.

9. Page Analytics (by Google)

Page Analytics by Google is an extension which allows you to see important Google Analytics data without having to load up Analytics in a separate window.

When the tool is enabled you can see important data about how users interact with the page you’re on. The default settings show the number of Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate, % Exit and Real-time visitors. These can all be customised, including the date range, to display the most appropriate data for your website.

Another great feature of this is that is highlights the number of clicks that each link receives on each page. It’s perfect if you already use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic statistics.

10. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an outreach tool designed to help quickly discover information that makes prospecting easier. The tool displays website metrics such as Domain Authority and Moz Rank. It also searches the website to find the email addresses associated with the domain and important outreach pages such as contact pages and guest post pages.

The tool is free to download but there is also a paid version which provides more features including customisable email outreach templates and the ability to auto-fill contact forms. If you want to speed up outreach, this is a great tool.


Now you’ll have loads of great chrome extensions that increase productivity andmake your lifemuch easier as an SEO. Try them to find out which ones are best for you and let us know if there’s any new ones to add to the list.

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