How to Find and Get Listed in The Best Business Directories

Finding and Getting Listed in Business Directories the Easy Way!

Tony here. I’ve got a very quick video for you. We’ll be looking at Link Building & I know that sometomes when people get started with Link Building they think it’s going to be a really long, painful & complex process. So I just want to get you started on something really nice & easy. If you provide a local product or service in your particular area then why not go & get listed in a few local directories. The advantage to you of doing this is that it’s easy & because you’re getting listed in local directories then Google will see the relevance & associate you with that particular area & that will help your local ranking.

How to Find some Good Local Business Directories

All you need to do is to type in “Local Directory” & then wherever you happen to be based, eg: Kent. You will then see local directories related to your area & when you go to the relevant Directory page just look for a link that says to advertise with them or submit our site or add your business. What we are looking for is whether they offer to link to your site. Sometimes they offer that in their free listings. Sometimes they may offer an enhanced listing for a fee. You can also narrow down your search so that you focus in on your town or several surrounding towns where you offer your service. Just have a look through them & see if there are any that you can submit to. Not all of them will have them, but you just need to go through them. You can also broaden your search to cover the whole of the country. You could search on the term “UK Business Directory” & see what you can find. I have included some links for you below to these sites. Again, some of them may charge to get listed. Some will offer multiple links to your website so that you can link to several inner pages. So you just need to make a decision as to whether it is worthwhile or not. Some may have an annual fee, some may have a monthly fee & others will have a one-off, lifetime fee. Now when you do this it is definitely worth keeping a list of the directories that you submit to either in a word document or an excel spreadsheet just so that you can remember where you have submitted them to. It is definitely worthwhile keeping a record of it. The other thing to think about are Niche Directories. For example, if you are a wedding photographer you could search for “Wedding Directory” & you can usually find industry related directories that would definitely help you. The reason for this is that Google will identify that a wedding related website is linking to you & it will help Google to identify that you are in a wedding related niche. I hope that is useful. I have included some more links to some of the best business directories. Good luck & as always, we do welcome your comments below.

List of Some of the Best Business Directories (IT only) (IT only)


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