The Top Instagram Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media marketing channels of all time. It is excellent for content marketing and paid advertising for brands, together with being an incredibly useful tool for customer service and communication. With over 1 billion active monthly users and over 25 million active business accounts, it is quite clear that Instagram isn’t going anywhere for the considerable future. Each image that gets posted on Instagram receives an average of 23% more engagement than Facebook, and these statistics are only expected to increase this year. Here are the top Instagram marketing trends that are going to dominate the social media giant in 2019.

#1 – Enter the New Kind of Vertical Advertising: Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Stories has become one of the most important and popular features of the platform since it was introduced in 2016. It’s brilliant for day to day users and perfect for advertisers that need to communicate straight-to-the-heart messages to their target audiences. With Stories ads, you can insert your banners between the slides of other people’s stories and do it quite effectively.

Keep in mind, however, that for your ads to convert and give you a great return on investment, they should be high quality in terms of design, look and feel. They should also be highly targeted and in line with what your target audience wants to see, hear or buy. When done right, your brand will certainly see why Instagram is the most popular social media platform of our day.

#2 – Instagram TV Will Become a Big Player

Announced and launched in June 2018, IGTV is the new video platform that is dedicated exclusively to mobile users. Unlike YouTube and other video streaming platforms, IGTV is dedicated to vertical video playback and, therefore, suitable for marketers and content producers that are addressing a mobile-only audience.

The question is why vertical? Instagram wants to encourage people to create video content but, at the same time, to do it exclusively for mobile. We already know that people are more likely to use their mobile devices in a vertical position, hence the type of video. Instagram TV is going to be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses in 2019, and we are yet to see a brand completely master the platform as of yet. So, it is going to be an exciting year to see who does it first.

#3 – Shopping on Instagram

Shopping has become so much easier on Instagram thanks to the new shopping posts features. The swipe up, link in bio, sponsored or direct links in photos can really help brands with marketing. It’s all about one of the most influential 2019 Instagram trends, easier and more convenient mobile purchasing. On average, Instagram users spent 52 minutes per day on the platform. During this time, they will be bombarded with sale messages from businesses and brand be tempted to buy a lot.

Being relevant on Instagram in 2019 is going to involve a solid social media strategy that is well thought out. It all starts with curating your content, to make an aesthetical profile that will catch the attention of your target audience. Stay close and relevant to your community by creating Instagram Stories, making use of Instagram Story Highlights and utilising Instagram TV. And most importantly, do more than just connecting with your community online, create a platform where they can genuinely engage with you.

#4 – The Data Avalanche

We’re all obsessed with views and engagement, but a far richer seam of data is now available to brands using social media to promote their products and services. Like other business processes and online marketing, social media has become completely data-driven in terms of planning, delivery and evaluation.

For example, Instagram has its own Insights section, which is somewhat a relatively new feature to the social network which has been pretty light when it comes to presenting raw data. Now, lots of valuable info is readily available and can be used to provide valuable business insights and analytics for brands. By using Instagram Insights, you can monitor how your content is performing at a more granular level and, in turn, gain a better understanding of what is effective and what’s not.

As Instagram becomes the social platform of choice for corporate firms as well as smaller consumer brands, it’s not enough for brands to simply be present on the platform; they need to actively harness the data available to optimise their social media content.

#5 – The Continued Rise of Influencer Marketing

Now an almost $2 billion industry, influencer marketing on Instagram has taken the social media world by storm. In the last few years, Instagram users across the world have begun making a living from paid posts and collaborative marketing campaigns with brands. Instagram offers the perfect online space for brand partnerships, with influential users authentically recommending products and services to their loyal followers. With the influencer space expected to grow to a $5-10 billion industry in the next two years, it is clear that this form of social media marketing is far from going anywhere soon.


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    Vertical videos has greater engagement than horizontal one and many researches have indicated so it is inevitable that most social networks adapt to this change as social networks main aim is to create maximum engagement on their networks.

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