5 Things That Every Small Business Owner Must Know about Social Media


In today´s post I will share with you what every business owner should know about social media.

Let’s face it, you probably “know” you should be on social media.

But, chances are your brand hasn’t embraced social media as much as it could.

There are plenty of reasons for this, especially for small businesses: lack of time, small budgets, no dedicated teams, the list goes on.

It’s hard, as a small business owner to get everything done in a day, and that’s just for running the business, never mind jumping into social media.

Yet, at the same time, having a social media presence is increasingly important. In fact, if your brand doesn’t have one, you’re already behind.

Still not convinced?

Read on to discover just a few reasons why social media is so important and can be such a great tool for small businesses.

#1. Everyone is Online

You might have heard a few people say this in passing, but it’s true.

As it stands now, almost 80% of Americans have a social media account, and worldwide the number of social media users is slated to hit almost 3 billion people by 2020. That’s billion with a “B.”


As you can see in the chart above, that number is practically a threefold increase from 2010.

It shows you just how many people around the world are on a social network and the tremendous growth of these channels (with no end in site).

At this rate, if your brand is not jumping into social media there’s a really good chance you’re not going to see nearly the amount of potential customers as your competitors who have embraced social.

How else are you planning on reaching people if you aren’t going to be where they are?

#2. Not Every Channel is the Same

Think about how many social media channels are out there:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

That’s probably one of the biggest reasons why small business owners don’t jump on the social media bandwagon as often as they should. There isn’t enough time in the world to get content up and posted on each of these channels, nevermind interacting on them.

That’s why it’s far more effective for small business owners to focus on just one channel to start. Don’t try to be everywhere at once, just pick the one channel where most of your customers and target consumers live, and work to expand your reach on there.

Once you’ve got that down, feel free to expand out to new channels.

#3. Social Media Helps SEO

It makes sense that if so many people are online today that they are also searching for your business online too.

In fact, the majority of consumers look for information about a product online before they buy it. So, those search engine results related to your brand matter quite a bit.

That’s why it pays for many small and local businesses to really focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and employing strategies that will help increase their search engine rankings.

Check out the following graphic from Audiencebloom that incorporates data from a recent Moz study on search engine ranking factors for 2015:


As you can see, even having the most basic social media profile can help increase your search engine results. Which means that more people are going to be able to find your brand, leading to more leads and potential customers down the line.

So, it’s worth it to put the time and effort into building up a social media presence.

#4. It’s Great for Customer Service

If there’s one very important thing that always matters regardless of the size of a business it’s customer service.

And today, having high quality customer service is in more demand than ever. In fact, since so many brands (both large and small) are failing at providing that next level of customer service it’s actually becoming a competitive advantage to those that do.

Consumers are desperate for quality customer service, and social media makes it really easy to not only take care of issues quickly, but also show that you care.

When you set up your social media channel, pay close attention to your mentions and messages. Respond positively to customers and potential consumers and you’ll be able to build loyalty and an overall positive feeling about the brand.



Don’t forget, loyalty matters.

Loyal customers are those that buy more often, have a positive connection to your brand, and spread the word about your business to their friends and family. They are incredibly important!

#5. Quality Over Quantity

Probably one of the biggest reasons why many small businesses aren’t embracing social media is because there is a perception that it’s all about pushing out as much content as possible.

So, if a small business owner is already struggling with time, the thought of having to add even more content to constantly share on social media isn’t all that appealing.

The good news?

This isn’t true.

Consumers today have been bombarded with so much content that they’re getting turned off by it. A recent study highlighted this with a few important stats on consumers:

  • 67% say that brands are sending too much information
  • 55% say the content is not interesting or relevant to them
  • 46% say the content is too pushy

Now, there are some major takeaways from that. The most important being that it’s the quality of content shared that matters far more than the quantity.

If you understand exactly the type of content that engages, entertains, and educates your ideal customer, then you’re already far ahead of the pack when it comes to sharing both your own content and others on social media.

Putting it All Together

Hopefully by now you understand just how important social media can be for your brand. It can help you expand your current base, build more loyal customers, and even help improve your website rankings.

If you haven’t thought much about including it in your marketing strategy, there’s no better time to start than right now.

I  hope you have found this post useful on what you should know about Social Media.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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