Third Party Tools and Ways to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

3rd party tools to improve Google Adwords

Advertising yourself on an online platform and making sure that your online presence helps you earn is easy. This can be done by using different tools and techniques can be something very tricky.

There are tools that you can find easily and free of cost and there are tools that are can help you earn a profit and are available in a paid version. These tools not only help you make money but also assist you to reap the benefits of your PPC campaigns. Here is a list of some tools that not only help you with your PPC Campaigns but also help you maximize your profits as well.  

Your AdWords accounts get you a handful of tools to help you set up, analyze and make your campaigns more refined. There are many third-party tools that are available. These are helpful for you to get insights, competitive intelligence, and provide people with some strategic help.

These tools also help you boost your AdWords campaigns and make sure that you get the most return from the amount of money that you invest in AdWords.

Let’s have a look at some tools and best practices that help you boost your AdWords Campaign:


Get Knowledge And Quality Score About Your Keywords TenScores:

Is it really necessary to know about your keywords and their Quality Score? It is. The reason is that they are very critical to run a campaign that helps you earn profits. Google assigns a quality score against all your keywords. This quality score is calculated by algorithms by Google that is based on the relationship between the keyword you use, the target landing page that you have set up for the ad and the ad that would trigger on your keyword. If you get a high-quality score for all the keywords, it is going to be very important for your campaign and factors that make it a beneficial campaign. TenScores is a tool that helps you keep a track on your score and also optimize the score of your keywords.

The tool also helps you review your keywords and how well they are doing over the time. Also, you get information on the ones that need your attention and also lets you know about the keywords that need to be retired. If you are running a campaign with a large number of keywords, then TenScores is going to be your partner to get good quality scores.


Conduct Thorough Keyword Research Using the Word Tracker:

Many Google Keyword tools became less feasible for getting users with a quick research on a given set of different keywords as a foundation for research of your campaigns. There are many tools that one can use as an alternative and get things done for you. One such alternative is Word Tracker which is an awesome Keyword Tool.

The tool has now some major improvements and new features have been added. Now one can conduct a keyword research on a global scale and discover keywords that have a high-performance. The tool has a Link Builder Tool that helps you to run complete SEM campaigns that include SEO and content marketing as well. One can get over 1000 results via a large database of keywords in a single search. Also, it helps you organize keywords, get access to more opportunities and many other things


Know About Your Competitors With Mix Rank:

Mix Rank is one of the tools whose technology keeps track of contextual and banner ad campaigns. These are deployed by thousands of advertisers and experts. For users, there are a lot of opportunities that they can make use of.

There is a vast steadily growing database of all kinds of advertising campaigns. You can get access to screenshots, insights on the landing pages and sources from where they derive their traffic. Being an advertiser, one can get information on people who are bidding on Google Adwords against your website.

Not only this, you can learn from other campaigns that have become successful. Monitor results obtained from split-tests that your competitor is working on. This will further help you acquire landing pages that are performing at their best. This is the best competitive intelligence tool that you can invest in.


Online Advertising Becomes Manageable With The WordStream Advisor: 

Another tool that helps advertisers manage their online advertising campaigns is WordStream Advisor. This tool helps advertisers manage Bing Ads, Facebook Ad campaigns, and Google AdWords as well.

Not only this, it is one of the best online advertising management tools available. You can control and manage more than platforms using a single dashboard. Hence, adding more efficient management of your campaigns and make the different aspects of your online advertising a lot simple.

Hence, things starting with creating an ad to monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns get more streamlined. Also, there are functions that this tool is capable of performing. The WordStream Advisor has the capacity to make changes to their PPC and the paid social campaigns as well. These changes are based on recommendation obtained by the user’s account and the data provided in it.


SpyFu Gets You More Insights On What Competitors Are Doing:

SpyFu is another useful tool that helps you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It helps you get insights into the PPC strategies your competitors are including and the keywords they are using.

You can use SpyFu simply by simply typing out a website on SpyFu and it is going to get you information on almost every keyword that is owned by your competitors on Google.

You can have a look at and analyze all organic keywords and the ways these keywords have changed over the period of 10 years. You can also select a Google Algorithm and the way that change affected the progress of the website. Also, there is information on the way the company started off using the AdWords campaigns and made changes to their ad copy. This is not the end. Spyfu gets you information on the ways a target brand has made changes to the keyword groups and obtained the highest number of conversions.

For instances, if there is a keyword like shampoo or any other keyword, Spyfu is going to get you all the information that you need. You can use this information as part of your decision-making processes. Apart from that, the tool has other cool and unique features as well. But differs this tool from the other?

The interface of this tool is very catchy. And it gets the application an edge over other applications. As far as the price of the tool is concerned, one can get this tool at a very affordable rate on a monthly basis as well.


Setup and Run PPC Campaigns via Twilio:

Twilio is an inspiration for many users who want to make the most from their PPC campaigns. It becomes one of the most widely used tools for many people who want to reap the benefits of PPC campaigns.

Twilio is a cloud communication platform which is very useful for people working with software. It is a very good tool for software developers to be exact. It helps them to make and receive calls and also send and receive text messages as well.

Twilio uses a web-based API to perform tasks that are required to be performed and get done with their tasks. It is also one of the tools that become a good option for tracking calls and get information and conduct a detailed analysis.

You can buy local and toll-free numbers very conveniently without having to spend a huge amount of money. You can buy their services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Twilio is your assistant when it comes to recording phone calls for your toll-free numbers and for your local numbers as well.


Unbounce Becomes the Ultimate Tools for Your Landing Pages:

If you are looking for a tool that can help you make the most out of your landing pages, then Unbounce is one of the most effective tools.

It has hundreds of templates to make sure that your landing page becomes a powerful tool for your product or brand.

These landing pages can be used for lead generation, sales and other aspects of the trade.

The tool has some other cool features that are designed to help your brand and landing page benefit you in many ways.

  • Unbounce is one of the most effective tools to create, edit and collaborate when working with landing pages. It can help you create landing pages without any coding or difficulty.
  • It helps you publish campaigns using templates and making the whole process a little less time consuming
  • Prevents the ad clicks you have paid for from getting wasted.
  • Maintains the Uptime for your landing page, pop-ups etc. It makes sure that you get a 99.99 percent uptime for your landing page.


The above-mentioned tools are one of the most effective tools that are available for users and businesses.

These are meant for users and brands who seek a better reputation and an ideal online presence. These applications are also very affordable.

You can also find some applications and tools that are available for free as well. You can use these tools to get a clear understanding and a detailed analysis of the trends and numbers and get your brand or product to the top.

Use these tools and become one of the most searched items on the search engine.   

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