Top 5 UK Web Design Companies (Best Website Design Agencies)

Best web design companies

In this post I will share with you the top 5 UK web design companies you should check out If you are looking to get your buisness online.

It goes without saying that every business needs a stunning website that works exceptionally well. The best way to achieve this is by working with a web design company to help get the job done.

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List Of The Best UK Web Design Companies

Bearing that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the best web design agencies the UK has to offer, and picked out our top five:

Maxima Local

The first web design company on our list is the London-based Maxima Local. They offer an incredibly diverse service that goes above and beyond general web design. But, if your focus is solely on designing and setting up a website, they’ve got you covered with three different packages; Startup, Business, and Bespoke.

Each one is reasonably priced, and the features get bigger and better as you go through them all. Currently, the Startup and Business web design packages are at reduced prices of £299 and £349, while you have to contact Maxima Local for a quote on the Bespoke package. All the websites they design are mobile-friendly and look incredibly professional.

Moving away from generic web design, they also offer complete digital marketing solutions for your business too. This includes three web marketing packages that help optimize your site for SEO and drive organic traffic to it. These plans come with an initial fee and then have monthly costs starting from £69/month. Maxima Local can also boast social media management plans too, ensuring that your business grows its presence on the web. These plans start from £89/month.

All in all, they have great customer service and support, a fantastic design plan and some brilliant marketing services to flood traffic to your site and help you convert it. Plus, they offer different packages and show you how much each one costs on their site, which a lot of other design companies don’t do.

Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing is a highly respected Digital Agency in the industry. They are heavily awarded and have extremely good reviews wherever you look. Specialising in Web Design, Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing

They have an extensive portfolio boasting Fortune 500 companies such as FirstData, St James’s Place and Global Telecoms giant Huawei. Their UK based in-house team have a wide range of skill sets pushing the boundaries of innovation. Anything imaginable is within their capabilities and judging by their awards and clientele, whatever challenge is presented to them, they will succeed beyond expectations.

To conclude, Bird are clearly experts in the Digital Agency world and are leading the way with cutting edge solutions and innovative strategies. With a range of award winning creative and technical members of their team, they have the full package.


Next on the list is Popcorn, which is seen as one of the most innovative web design agencies in the UK right now. Their main focus is offering bespoke web design services to help create professional sites that are unique to every customer. Much like a lot of other web design companies, they don’t offer various plans or packages, it’s all just under one bespoke package giving the customer control over what they want.

Along with this they also offer extensive SEO services to optimise your site and ensure it performs well in search engines. Another good feature is their own ecommerce solution meaning they can create online shops for you from scratch. Also, if you’re looking for a web host, then Popcorn can provide this too, meaning your website can be designed specifically for their servers, which could improve functionality.

In summary, Popcorn is a very interesting web design company that puts a lot of the control in your hands with their bespoke service. As such, prices vary depending on the size of your project, but you can get a quote before you commit.


KD Web

The final company we look at is KD Web, a digital agency centering around web design and many other internet marketing ideas. Their design service centres around a lot of research into the competition to ensure your website is the best there is. Of course, everything is designed professionally and works across mobile devices too. Speaking of which, they even offer an app development service to turn your website into a fully functional mobile app.

Then, they dabble in SEO, social media management, ecommerce web design, CMS, branding, and many other things. The overall service they offer is incredibly extensive and can provide your business with everything it needs to grow an online presence.


Bristol based creative digital agency that designs and builds for web and mobile. They design and build stunning bespoke websites and help brands reach their customers with a wide range of online marketing strategies.

Much like the other companies on this list – except Maxima Local – they don’t offer various package deals at different prices. You need to request a quote, and costs vary depending on the services you require.

These are the top five UK web design companies in 2017, reviewed by us. Take some time to weigh up the options and figure out which one is ideal for you.

What other companies can you recommend? Please comment below.


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    Hi Pilar Torres,

    The list you have mentioned in your blog is really worth it to me. However, I am looking for a list of web design agency, who can provide all-in-one solutions from design to development and marketing.

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    Fantastic article Pilar.

    I would love for you to consider my agency, CurranWeb in your list. We are the UK’s leading pay monthly website provider, which would offer an alternative to your readers.


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