Top 7 HR Software Solutions for Your Business

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The human resources (HR) software market is continuously growing, gaining more popularity each year, and is predicted to reach 10.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2023 according to Statista survey. The overarching aim of such software solutions is to automate the tasks of man-power services, which were previously done manually. That’s why business leaders should keep pace with the changing technologies and make investments in smart staffing.

Today’s job seekers trust such applications more, as they consider that the system examines the transparency of different offers and gives protection to the users. Among the technology tools presented by HR software, there are some trends that shape the future of hiring, among which are diversity, new interviewing tools, data, etc. However, this is only a small part of factors that make the tools so powerful.

Key features to look for in HR software

Having determined what goal the human resources software helps to accomplish, we can turn to the main features. Aiming to comprehend the performance of the system in the most detailed way, let us observe the features that are presented by the leading HR vendors. Here are the top and the most critical features of the HR system that you may be interested in.

  • Employee Data. Your HR software should provide a detailed manual of the employee account. Such intelligence should include some personal information about the individual, their job and salary history, plans for insurance, performance feedback, time off requests, or any other points that may be interesting for the hiring company.
  • Onboarding. This feature helps to acquaint new employees with a new organization. In such a way the staff can get familiarized with the onboarding obligations and conditions, find the necessary hirer and learn the information about the company. All the data is presented in one place, making the searching process easier and faster.
  • ACA Compliant Benefits. This option is convenient for managers and simplifies their work significantly. The tool offers a personalized ACA guide, tracks labor hours, presents instant tests of affordability, completes all the necessary forms and submits them to the IRS electronically.
  • Payroll Processing. One of the top harsh, troublesome and error-full processes of HR’s work is the payroll management. The system adds and calculates the worker’s insurance policies, salaries, taxes, bonuses. Everything is done automatically, minimizing the risk of mistakes.
  • Time Off/ Leave Management. Most companies use this feature to keep track of the staff absence and make sure it won’t influence the planned work line. Monitoring the number of sick days, time offs, and other leave situations, it provides a system with notifications and alert in different cases.
  • Recruiting and/or Applicant Tracking. With the help of this feature, the managers can easily monitor the candidates, evaluate the apps, conduct some background examination, and more. This option can also be useful for onboarding and easy and fast admittance to the materials. Here you can observe how the system has been built.
  • Performance Management. With this feature, the HR software becomes a place from where you can supervise the activity of your employees, examine their progressive, the work completed, settle new goals for the whole team and each member separately.
  • Employee Scheduling and Communication. With this capability, you can create work schedules, manage schedule changes and communicate with your staff easily. Also, you will divide roles and responsibilities between employees, assign specific tasks and duties that improve collaboration between and among members and teams within the organization.
  • Reporting/Analytics. Once this option is available, you can easily analyze the added intelligence and form the required statistics, reports and review without involving any application of the third party.


Top 7 HR software solutions for your business

The market includes a number of HR software solutions that suggest different features and options. Yet, the quality, inbuilt options, and functionality identify the top alternatives among the others. Here are the top 7 programs of human resources software that will perfectly match your business:


  1. BambooHR. The software is considered to be the best one for human resources compliance. It includes the built-in system for tracking applicants, recruitment software, management of performances, automated onboarding schemes and more. All of the options can be found in the advanced and custom modules of the account.
  2. Zoho People. This is the top free software for a company, which has up to five employees. For more than six members, there is a monthly charge per each. The program uses greyHR and Paybooks for payroll processing. Still, the full range of features is available for Premium and Enterprise levels.
  3. Gusto. The main aim of the software is payroll. Still, you can use it as human resources software and the one offering benefits. The varieties of options include onboarding, reports, payroll, profits and more. However, you won’t meet recruiting tools, performance management or tracking of the applicant. Insurance broker is another strong point of the solution.
  4. Zenefits. This is cloud-based software that offers onboarding, automated key tasks, compliance, performance, and some more options. The tracking system is conducted with the help of the partners, such as Jazz, Greenhouse, and Lever. Also, it includes the scheduling app that simplifies employee communication and planning.
  5. GoCo. This platform is created for small and middle businesses. It includes multiple HR processes, such as onboarding, employee data, time management, scheduling, and more. However, the software doesn’t provide an option with recruitment and applicant tracking, which can be problematic for your enterprise.
  6. Evolution HCM. Being a payroll service provider, this software solution will match you for sure. All the processing is done in addition to some HR data, such as onboarding, intelligence about members, management of vacations and leaves, training, etc. the helpful dashboard includes the top significant data for the enterprise and supervisors.


Comparison of the HR software for your business

Here we will take a good look at the 7 best HR software solutions available in the market. Their key features will be compared to help you make a more deliberate, thoughtful decision when selecting new HR software for your company.



Employee Data


ACA Compliant Benefits

Payroll Processing

Time Off/ Leave Management

Recruiting and/or Applicant Tracking

Performance Management

Employee Scheduling and Communication



Zoho People









Evolution HCM



How can HR software benefit your company?

As you can observe from the information presented above, all the HR solutions are provided to simplify and fasten the work of managers and supervisors. Systematizing the working process, the selected software can offer some sizeable profits for your company, such as:


  • Evaluation of employee performance. Having an aim to develop employees, you can set common goals for achieving success. Also, the aid of team feedback tools, you can keep track of the workers’ performances.
  • Digitalize recruitment and legal record-keeping. The process is automatized and makes it possible for you to add new openings including the key features, such as the title, duration, or more. Also, you can share the data in the social networks, or any other portal.
  • Tracking individual progress. With the help of the software, you can compare the performance of each employee and identify the leaders of the team.
  • Cost reduction. Such points as ACA compliance and payroll processing may be really time-consuming and costly when done manually. With automated solutions, the procedures are conducted fast and easy, as one software can deal with a significant number of employees, while one manager can’t.
  • Monitoring the employees. Keeping and maintaining the workers gets easier. With the HR software, you can keep track of each aspect that is needed for planning and developing the career of the staff.
  • Secure data management. By storing the information about your employees, working process and other points, you can be sure that no unauthorized person can get admittance to the data, view it or use in any other inappropriate way.


Final words: Ready to Use HR Software for your business?

Having put the critical features of the leading HR software solutions in comparison, you can see which of them stand out according to your business specific requirements. Once you have a clear picture of your needs, you can pick the software that helps you increase the efficiency of the administration, reduce the risks and provide fast and simple access to the employees’ data.

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